Saturday, January 3, 2009

tell me what's yr fantasy?

*edit-last photo wasn't rezzed fully, here's a better image of the skin/key
mine probably has something to do with purple clouds and kats in the sky with diamond crystals...

this amazing outfit i'm dreaming in on the edge of the bridge in osaka is the latest collaborative effort which gives me an apt segue into another one of kat's amazing abilities which is to surround herself with incredibly talented friends and artists, and artist friends! i don't have to tell you how wonderfully satisfying walking around in a dress like a cloud is but it' even satisfying in second life when the creator is gifted like rouge darcy of rebel-x, who designed the dresses in this new years gift you simply must give yourself. i opened the note twice from two groups and as soon as i tp'ed to the osaka shop i clicked...didn't even have to think about it really. purple and blue and keys and hair with snowflakes and colour change options on everything? christ, i'm in e-heaven. floating away on my rippled clouds of lavendar and teal. violet voltaire and kat have collaborated before as well on a set of dia de los muertos outfits with coordinated jewelry from violet's hands. her product quality is unparalleled as far as jewelry and scripts with change options goes, the top of the line sets she offers sparkle and stand out providing endless streams of compliments, and *ESPECIALLY* when paired with katat0nik's textured dresses, the jewelry seems to complete the character perfectly. not only is violet's style totally cute and goes with everything cute you need to accessorize, but she constantly has seasonal freebies, she gave a dollarbie cupcake crown that's too yummy for words for her birthday on halloween and there were halloween specials and christmas themed stuffs for the holidays recently AS WELL as the lucky chair in her main store where you can get all kinds of goodies for free! the final collaborator on this complex and detailed project is the store /WASABI PILLS/ which has always provided brightly coloured eyes and gorgeously made up skins, but contributes two unique sets of each for this affair in purple and blue. not only that, but the store is in the same adorably laid out hobbit like sim in osaka next to rebel-x and now has a lucky chair with the amazing "miss new year's eve" skin i paired with the outfit and dark tone of kat's custom snowflake hair. 

so like, the hair changes colours, 13 normies, 6 shades of purple/blue, the jewelry changes crystals AND pearls, the two main prim types in the set, between 4 possible gem tones, and the dress itself comes in two colours with resize scripts ready to go and easy to use. finally, kat's included another special snowflake detailed pair of her classic mary jane's (not pictured) with colour change up to 20 colour options or something ridiculously awesome like that. BUY THIS SET. (it's called Absolute Zero) you can get it at any of the linked store locations, all of the involved designers! put it on, and spend hours fidgeting with the colours until you feel like a cloud queen <3

Katat0nik main store, my preferred area of stalkage 

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