Wednesday, January 28, 2009

organization for (messy) dummies

yes. i am picky about pictures and outfits so until i have something concretely perfect in my eyes no more piccies for a bit. but, i will do you all a favor. some people have been mentioning organization and flaws in their inventory to me as i gripe about my ONE lost folder of greatness. well, i dunno if organization CAUSED or worsened the rolling restart inventory loss but it was only one folder and due to the organization i do know pretty much exactly what was in there.
so without further ado i'm going to outline you all how *I* yes, and just me, organize my inventory in a bullet form as best i can given blog formatting so you can all organize yourselves if you feel so inclined. this outline will be annotated for complete condescension and total explanation. 

my folders start off on the first level like this:

????? WTF IS THIS SHIT ?????
designers that i still love despite LL being fucktarded and assraping me of all their stuff
neko gear

i have found that being as general as possible with these primary level labels makes it possible to scrunch the entire inventory list so that all folders appear without the second life viewer taking up my whole screen. this also and consequently makes it easier to view all your possible options at once so you can aim for just what you want to put on at the moment.

second levels and detailed folder subfoldering:
...accessories will be instrumental in my outlining, so here's what my accessories folder looks like, much more broken down than the primary list level, and i've included third and subsequent levels in this particular folder outline for more purposes of example


....animals (stuffed and otherwise)
-teddy bears
......teddy bears -> -linden bears

-prim nails

...face attachments
-mouth food

...head attachments
-ear muffs
-hair accessories
-head phones
-body jewelry
...-body jewelry -> -belly stuff, -liprings
-jewelry SETS

...knit winter sets
...pom poms

organizing my accessories folder is obviously an ongoing process that i could sub and sub sub folder forever. could categorize by color of the kitten pets, could organize by gender of the doll, or season of relevance to the item, the corresponding holiday or by the store i bought them from. you will see that with certain favorite jewelry/accessories makers like sanu and violet i have a distinct folder for them. anyway, hope this is helpful or at least interesting and gives you insight into my compulsions. if you let them be yours too i will promise you will always be able to put together an absolutely perfect outfit worthy of modeling, pictures, dates and anything else you may need to appear for in second life. searching inventory by keyword, store or designer name, or general object type can be useful but once you get the hang of organizing it too can become an exercise in rote repetitive patience. i find that it's much easier to get dressed this way too, despite having still 50K + inventory, because you can target a general category of items grouped by your own mind that may not be tagged or named adequately for your own searches/purposes.

coming for n00bs/dummies, i will list all the faq's and tips and stuff you should be able to gather just from chatting rather than obscure informational websites and detailed endless notecards in the boxes. now, go get fishing anyway, i've been on all day trying for the new kat whale hooker dress. guh. love me some fat hos....
...and by fat hos i mean the amazing whale hooker dress that we can piece together with salvage now at katat0nik's 7seas fishing custom catches!!!!!

oh and, if anyone wants to see the mental breakdown of the rest of my folders, just im me in world or comment here i can hook you up with the full insanity of the smoldering subfoldering.


  1. Thanks for this Rebecca, you organizing maniac.

    jmb balogh in SL

  2. My advice for fishing would be to buy the bulk bait. Srsly. If you're going to fish for customs, like at Kat's or Silent Sparrow, and you have to collect them all (like my dorky self), then it's going to take more than the 100 baits you get in the bait bucket. Plus, it'll be cheaper in the end.