Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ten (cup) cakes a day

it would seem from my inventory and the typical seasonal freebie gifts that both sl and myself have food fetishes, particularly a bit of a sweet tooth. sometimes this may result in you overeating ten cakes a day and ending up selling sex toys from a personal website and by phone. however, most of the time it just results in edible avatar hotness. check out the heat on these baked goods. 

ps-i'm starting to feel aware of the sl-surroundings in my photos. otaku designs and many of my other favorites have amazing in store animated and posed objects that give great settings but a lot of second life looks like a slum, let's be honest. sometimes it works but sometimes it leaves something wanting. if anyone uhh, has as much free time as i do and wants to give me some tips on photoshop basics i would be enthused and provide ample compensation in any number of ways (sexual favors obviously included). 

worn, and burning hot, so stick a fork in it:
pic1 and throughout
...Slink Bijou Skin Pale Bruised Doll
...Pididdle Tie the Rope dress (maybe i should have worn my noose for this shot?) purchased for a mere 100L at the half off sale at Gateux Boulevard shops last weekend
...House of Munster Twizzy pigtails...these are one of the newest releases from yet ANOTHER of kat's amazingly talented designer friends Ms. Lolli Munster...are you irritated at her amazing e-social circle yet? GO GET CUTE HAIR, SILLIES
...Sanu candy-hearts hairbow "FUCK ME" ...and yes, sanu is STILL another friend to kat. also makes amazingly adorable accessories in the themes of bunnies and hearts and theres also some incredibly suggestive items in the store like a candy cane strap-on, mixed in between delicately intricate and simply perfect jewelry. sanu also has a gazillion dollarbies, and amazing group gifts, if you look at my profile you will see i am, umm, a member, YESSSS, and plan on keeping it that way. 
...Katat0nik Pumpkin Staff (free in halloween hunt!)
...Katat0nik color change ribbons legwarmers free in midnight mania, up again today! 
...Blue Blood shoes this weeks freebie (oh.my.ghanima. these are so cute) and while you're there be sure to go outside to the new plaza like building on the right out the door and collect all the freebies that are the start of a compilation of fabulous designers permanent free gifts (ty again ghanima for the great idea and the super high quality freebzes, we luv, we luvs)
...Otaku Design Hello Kitty leggings black/white FREEBIE at door (also two free upper body tats between lucky and camp chairs as pictured)
...Merciless leg (hand?)cuffs
...Lazy Places paw key in black (HALF OFF SALE at lazy places NOW, go now, go, go, go)
...Caroline's Jewelry Black Pearl Necklace breaks with click (free from now gone lucky chair, sadface)
...Draconic Kiss skulls'n'ribbons wraps free gift in store (now that i have these on i can't take them off, they go with everything...ugh, too cute)

pic2 tat/pic3 back of tat
...Otaku Design Emo Tats (lucky chair prize)

pic4 tat
...Otaku Design Sugar Overload (lucky chair prize)

pics5, 6, 7 tat
...Otaku Design cupcake mania (lucky chair prize!! are we seeing a theme here???)

so i am now officially stalking lola (i mean her store chair...riiiight) and i keep running into her which is lovely of course. she let me know today that the razor mall chairs have been removed but there's been one added in razor creations store with a special neko play set with poses and a mobvend for neko boots. also she's going to be switching out the tattoos in the chair periodically so be sure to stalk it like your seventh grade crush because these tattoos are delicious. literally...i think i may actually have to go to the bakery house and buy cupcakes tomorrow. shameface!!!!!! nice going lola!

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