Tuesday, January 13, 2009

freedom files (and folders, and subfolders, and sub sub...)

i will be the first to admit i have not had much to do in either life for a bit of time. which is why people tend to find i have all the freebies from the past 6 months or so memorized. last night i ended up chatting with someone who suggested i even CHARGE for my freebie finding style consultations but that's not my steez. so here is an open offer for anyone with specific requests or something weird they want to find, free or nearly free, to im me and ask away. because chances are i can help you out somehow or point you to someone who can. finally the memory problem comes in handy. i've been scrutinizing notecards and the free blogs i link religiously, and i again want to say that my sometimes helpful chair lists and organization would be for naught if the lovely ladies blogging nonstop hadn't posted and linked all their fabulous finds prior to my starting this blog. they inspired me to put my foot in the ring and i'm grateful for the chance to rant again, it's been a while since i blogged. 

awesome blogs on the left include the lovely and dedicated, yes, even inspirational freebie huntresses abra, ashia, bonita, clara, creamy, dahlindah, ding, farah, gabi, lalita, olivia, prudence, pumpkin, renee, suri, (vent, honorary freebie huntress), wrenja. i thank you guys for being so generous with your finds and so effusive in your beauty *hearts*

mostly though, like i've been explaining to questioning strangers, i'm just interested in helping people find awesome hawt shitte for free on here because i myself and many friends have spent wayyyy too much US currency on lindens and it shouldn't have to be that way!&%

i just found a site of Ro Gastel's flickr photos that i had almost not quite forgotten about. i did a photo shoot a long time ago with ro in the vein of dollies with different color themes. here's my image with the same n00b skin gnu gave me day 1 a year ago. along with Ro's Flickr page. this skin is probably a good inspiration in itself to get started hunting freebies. thanks for making me feel e-beautiful anyway ro! now get back to it, kiddos.

and ty johnny for the silly graphs of my curious online behaviors. 
[7:01] Johnny Vanistok: that's horrible
[7:02] okrebecca Dastardly: its awesome


  1. So I have stumbled upon a teasure cave of blogs.

    >>many friends have spent wayyyy too much US currency on lindens and it shouldn't have to be that way!&%#

    Too true

  2. Ty Okrebecca :) I just found out about your blog following your comment ;) Will link back ok? Keep the great work!