Wednesday, January 14, 2009

in the most epic words of Jr., "Bring It On"

oh hai. if you see me at a chair and i'm being obnoxious, that is just me. some people don't like it. HI ADAM! tried pretty hard to troll me for the last half hour eh? but you failed!!!!!!! ahahaha why? because of the protective bag of cookies, obviously. adam, plz try again when you have a full set of pale curio's to give me in return for the entertainment i provide. kthx.

YES!!!! another toy for attention and griefing defensive shield purposes. also from the love soul lucky chair. i mean, seriously, when wren and pru and i sneakily snuck to snag the snacks first, it was sheer genius. we got all our goodies early and now everyone comes around to stand in a circle and stare at the awesomeness. nb: do not try for these prizes if you do not like attention. (yeah...right, lmao)

[Love some mufuckin Soul] free in lucky chair! also an identical bag of candy in orange colour

pic2-my friend zymo is wearing the wearable raspberry from SubPlime 

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