Sunday, January 25, 2009

why i love kats, the edited version

so as you guys probably heard me griping about at one of the chairs recently is myoss of my fave/most expensive/largest folder entitled "designers/NAMES." some of you know me from waterhead and you may be thinking, "GOOD! that bitch feels entitled anyway." truth is i feel guilty, for having spent the money in the first place on that much (admittedly awesome) virtual clothing but besides that, i also think of a lot of the stuff on second life as art, and i've said it before in a more emotional sense but here i guess it applies in terms of the cultural currency of clothes on second life. anyway, i have been a bit distracted from rl depression to indulge my sl depression due to this incident. but no! second life won't let me be miserable! the little flowery stars of rainbowy goodness and caring are crawling out of the holes in the grid and showering me with happiness. i already told you that morrigan at The Black Canary, whom i have made it into his profile dubbing 'the only true gentleman in sl,' happily restocked my prior purchases now lost. so yesterday i was just stalking kata's new chair kinda whinging a bit about all the cute selections the crowd was wearing that were now vanished from inventory like a case logic full of cds after a car jacking. when i woke up from whatever sleep pattern i had there was a little im from kat letting me know, well, basically just how much she cares. let me premise this by saying i've been an extremely loyal, loving, and driven customer of katat0nik's since i peeped strawberry dreams on, who was it? maybe grace? in ahern? anyway, i had pretty much one of every dress, and a lot of my favorites in fatpacks. kat's message let me know that despite her booming business in world and the time she undoubtedly has to use to focus on her craft in and out of world, that she had actually taken my pleas to heart and spent her own time looking back through over a years worth of account transactions with my name keyed in to get me back absolutely everything i had lost that was a prior purchase, and she even included a couple of the years lucky chair dresses which were stored in the same Katat0nik folder. now, you all probably already know i want to have kat's babies, but this just sealed the deal for me pretty much. not only would it not have been probable that i would have done the same task myself, but it's also proven impossible to access the pdf file of all account transactions on my new it wouldn't have even been a feasible process. no worries though! kat did all the work for me. she even boxed it up and labeled the folder just for me. seriously, i know it's silly, but it made me feel special, and it was way more than she or anyone else had to do. it's funny, i'm most excited again to start newly, and re-wearing these kat dresses because i once again have a wide selection and since i didn't lose my accessories or shoes it will be like returning to a familiar and favorite doll after playing with legos with my brothers for too long. naturally, i have been sporting my katat0nik outfit since the new lucky chair and changed again into the returned options. here's me pervy on the amazingness of kat and her new steampunkishly pink and green and grey store build while fishing (in a mermaid ao??? would poseidon approve????) for merkats and pussy. i mean. merkats!!!! well, my sign does say pervert does it not? speaking of which, my other fave new fishing soul....well...this is a very forward and blunt sort of valentine's chair prize they've added to the four new prizes in the main chair. you can read, look at it. condoms and chocolate and kitties oh my.  [ps-lofls at what the kid in the ad's shirt says..."innocent"?]

...Katat0nik fruit swirl dress (poison [poison apples, sooo freaking cute, shot of detail tbposted]), also wearing kat gift necklace 10L for random color you can trade with friends too!
...Zero Style Orie hair raven (not free but there is a lucky chair here)
...Cyanide Anthrax piercing free 30 minute camp (there's a midnight mania on here for another facial piercing those of you asking me about free pierces)
...[42] Galaxies Hydra_02 skin only 42L everything in store 42L this week only!
...!Tarnished Pervert arrow free in store gift box
...[Merciless] Happy Pills bracelet

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  1. Aww I'm so happy for you that you got back all your katat0nik purchases. Kat is really an amazing person and very kind.