Saturday, January 24, 2009

everyday i write the jungle love fairy book

i have been feeling guilty not blogging all the amazing free stuff available recently in as much detail as it deserves because of my lost inventory related moodiness. miss angel herself cilia sheperd has a new hunt going on now for a lovely queen of hearts dress in lush shiny red both gown and shorter skirt options...they've been blogged prior to now. but the hunt includes "losing" extra cards that are actually bonus gifties with their own uses beyond clothing! yay for additional freebies. here's me wearing the awesome BRB sign with sculpted hearts that appear throughout the theme of the outfit that's the main hunt prize. the hunt is on until tomorrow and it's been extended because SL is being naughty for everyone, not just me, apparently. start at the landing point here at Boutique Cilian'gel and look for cards with the king AND queen of hearts on them! cards with king OR queen of hearts on them are the extra prizes. cilia and i both wish you all happy valentines day, go out there and love somebody! at least try roleplaying love sometime. it's kind of interesting at the very least.

...Boutique Cilian'gel BRB sign and Queen of Hearts necklace free in hunt! on until 1/25 Sunday
...Blue Blood fiorella green only 150L with all the ribbons and details on sale at Gateaux Boulevard location today only!
...Nightshade Sabel Insomnia Glossed skin free in lucky chair! so many good skins in them
...Cyanide anthrax piercing free in camp chair 30 mins
...pc eyes by Lano Ling much blogged about

and just where in the heck am i? i'm in the rainforest of course! only remaining permanently online, at least for now. 


  1. Aaawwww big hugz rebecca!!! We all love you x ;P

  2. .. Well maybe not SL.. but you are NOT alone!! - hehe