Tuesday, January 6, 2009

very loud, obnoxious sort of sparrow, but pretty nonetheless! mmm ladyfingers

so yeah. i HAD to go to silent sparrow, because the group gift looks so fucking amazing, as always, but i just am having a blue period i guess, take that however you will, and i really felt the icy blues shouting at me, "COME GET US AND WEAR US!!$%^%^" then i had another one of those typical impulse control loss moments...or...series of moments...or several minutes as i wandered around and drooled over the silent sparrow lovelinesses by miss hyasynth tiramisu, whose username always makes me really want dessert :/ ANYWAY. i ended up spending a gazillionish and i came out ready to go full on freak with the look based with this green fairy inspired dress called "seelie" in envy (green). it comes with flapping wings with on/off clickability but i paired it with a pair of random free/dollar ones i found in my inventory from *Fairy Pearls* which i believe just had an advent calendar i must have gotten them from. they may also have been a POE gift? i would check your inventory. my freebie hunting of late has really motivated me to mix and match inventory together and i dug up even more fun stuff to complete the total insanity of this costume. 

awesome shock some stuff:
...~silentsparrow~ (envy) seelie fairy set
...A.Y.Y. Chibi wing muffs green (dollarbie from recent xmas hunt)
...p.c; Paper Couture white feather mask (free gift in store)
...katat0nik black pumpkin staff (dollarbie from razor mall opening hunt in early october(?))
...katat0nik snow bunny skin in purple (only because there wasn't pink!) [not free, but lucky chairs in store and 12 minute timered random gift giver in-sim]
...~*Fairy Dust*~ (wings with fairy dust) (free somewhere, some time! freebie's at tp point for mainstore Fairy Pearls)
...Twisted & Spoiled (formerly twisted rose possibly?) SuperStar Armbands (not free, but dollarbies around, and camp/lucky chairs against the back wall!)
...hair is [the oBscene] Meggie [Midnight] free group gift, join and stay, there are tons of gifts
...........and while you're at crush row round up the xmas stockings and new freebies before they vanish like the holiday spirit
also check out the slight alteration in the top picture featuring 
....galaxies skin from [42] mainstore free this week! purple mmm
....schadenfreude black antlers with green ornaments (free from xmas stocking of joy)

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