Friday, January 30, 2009

where is my mind? ...and my inventory at that rate?

oh hai again. just another shout out lovefest clusterfuck to the poorhouse post about star of wretched dollies. new lucky chair items, new line of dresses in store, new chances to win, new clothes for me, AND MY OLD ONES BACK!!! star just rocks my socks off. i was #7 to im star when she set out the new line of dresses and i won this ADORABLE killer dress with shoes all over it called "fancy feets" guh dying of cute overload. amazing and perfect clothes raffle every time something new comes out? TOTALLY WORTH A GROUP SLOT, COME ON PEOPLES. so i violate my fellow alma mater's alumna miss stacy london when i go all matchy matchy with my accessories, i know, but i also will never wear 4 inch heels irl and pretend they are "comfortable, really!" anywho, picked out some new custom catches fishies that go perfectly with the shoes decorating the new dress and i'm feeling very cute, i must say. until i tried out the pose in the water bucket in the middle of the i guess, fishing area, in fallnangel creations mainstore. i suddenly felt like i was in the no surprises video :O let's see how long i can stay in this bucket and keep breathing and lip syncing to my own lyrics, shall i thom? k bi!

...Fancy Feets Dress from Wretched Dollies XOXO star!!!
...Sentou Yousei Moda Victorian Boots black on sale recently for something like 150L totally worth it! comes in other colors. go see if it's still on. 
...!Mingo! black girly hair free hair at one point, still available at store for sale 
...custom caught fish prizes, "falln rare fish" fat cute fish black, head octopus pink, celestial fish aqua all from FallnAngel Designs fishing spot

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