Thursday, January 29, 2009

drunk dials at 8:32 am...who else would it be?

anywayyyy, speaking of bizarre things. i'm going to post some pictures of just my feet/legs. cuz these new legwarmers lola from Otaku Designs gave me for a belated rezzday gift are so cute, they are her new cupcake line and they come in all sorts of colors of course i got the pinkness because miss lola knows me too well already. there's also this new set of love hurts legwarmers in the lucky chair, along with ANOTHER new item the love hurts outfit complete and similarly cute to the teal hello kitty set i just won in the lucky chair a few weeks ago! love does indeed hurt, i suppose, and i will use that to justify the lone legwarmer in this image! all angry and skulled out and green with envy but still incredibly cute and very wearable as always. lola keeps the goodies coming, that's for sure! i just wish unsolicited phone calls would stop now. you will notice the lone legwarmer picture is still from me fishing at katat0nik. there was a mistake with the rarity of the thread settings so if you are still fishing for thread just go back to the roof and when it rezzes buy the pink spool for 0L to complete your blueprint set. kat has apologized for the settings mistake and is offering this most critical piece of the blueprint for free to all fishers on the roof for two weeks i believe she said. there's also a sign for a katat0nik specific fishing group which i noticed while i was gathering my last bit of supplies. go ahead and click that to group chat with everyone all over the store and fishing nearby without shouting in local, or if you just want to get to banter with the katat0nik minions :) we are possibly the coolest minion in all of the minions of SL if i don't say so myself.

constantly changing and ever adorable Lucky Chair at Otaku Designs

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