Sunday, January 11, 2009

That Dandy Black Canary

"But I don't wish to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat. 'We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here." (i am mad )

You have all seen these clothes before. In your imagination after reading a victorian novel for some English BA requirement you eventually dropped due to the 900 page tome's average page count...then multiply that by 10 books and you pretty much left long before drop ended yeah?

Lewis Carroll is alright, I'm a bit piqued by the raven and writing desk riddle, but the images are lovely and timeless. Personally though, I'm a bit fonder of the Dickens. which is what all of morrigan's outfits tend to remind me of, if not literal adaptations of characters i've fancied in my mind.  the elusive but engaging black canary is one morrigan denimore, who has blown up sl fashion with the black canary's featured store location in the pulse sim shortly before halloween and evolving rapidly into new locations in Quenzle at The Black Canary main store as well as an outlet remaining at the old pulse location. Not only are the divine confections of this dandy handed artiste available through the lucky chair at the main store, but they were recently available for half off at the Gateux Boulevard saturday shopping frenzy yesterday.  i had to run over and purchase for a mere 175L this dreamy bustle skirt and blouse set entitled "Lady Marra" which was already featured on Free*Style blog by another inspirational gorgeous and talented stalker lady miss ashia tomsen who also sells her own beautiful skins you will frequently see her in here at Popfuzz sim -Ashia Designs Main Store-. 

the accessories just lend themselves to the story of this outfit, and yes, i literally mean story, because i've added Violet Voltaire's Wonderland jewelry pieces including the fabulous rotating key and mini crown, as well as another comfortably familiar literary reference with this amazing lucky board umbrella from DISCORD nightmare city, tp to the boards from the lobby where you land. my fellow lucky chair lass miss zu parx alluded to the mary poppins like quality of this animated flying toy, which also features colour change so you know i'm in love with it now. there's also two boards with hair, one unisex at the three discord boards, along with countless japanese and fantasy group gifts also in the center of the lobby when you enter the sim. just join the group from the sign also there and have at it! whole pile of boxes, for you free freaks. finally i added the amazingly beautiful and possibly disturbing BUT STILL BEAUTIFUL OK???? skins from the talented miss MiaSnow.  skins at the store are really reasonably priced, given that some people *cough, no names GP, cough* expect you to pay massive amounts of money to sustain their real life rent and shit through the sales of skins. these skins tend to be more artistic and less realistic but there are couple of fabulously drawn realish skins including the well blogged and well loved and very well worn jasmine 1L skin and jasmine frost set of skins from the christmas platter of goodies.  

morrigan is not only talented and sooo fucking androgynously gorgeous (sorry to threaten all your petty sexual insecurities losers!!!!) but is also a stimulating conversationalist and i am trying to connive my way into some sort of position of victorian servitude to *THE DANDY* themself! please morrigan? more morrigan, again!!!!!! morrigan even communicated totally reasonably and gently with me when i stomped through the new mainstore with lazy places winter paw boots on and left snow print tracks all over the store ground and sim for more than 24 hours. i freaked out feeling completely guilty for ruining the classical gorgeousness of the build morrigan presents and in speaking with this amazing individual i have had nothing but laughs and smiles. 

okrebecca Dastardly: shit i forgot to ramble about the paw prints and how fun you are
okrebecca Dastardly: oh well
okrebecca Dastardly edits five times
Morrigan Denimore: I will wait, lol.
okrebecca Dastardly: yes masteriss
okrebecca Dastardly: dear
okrebecca Dastardly: may i paste a bit of our convos right here just to exemplify how lovely you are?
Morrigan Denimore: Yes.
okrebecca Dastardly: i dont want to encourage too many admirers to im you :P

outfit 2-
*an* amerie's naughty midnight star cateyes violet
*mia* miasnow dead dreamer skin 6
DISCORD flying umbrella
[merciless] gallow scarf
{Violet Voltaire} Wonderland Crown & Key
[Detour] hair Dahlia-black flexi
[ATOMIC] black feline basic set long hair
NS-morte-lolita key pumps (Nightshade)

outfit 1 mods-
WEiRD DESiGNS nightmare skin free on table in back of store

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