Tuesday, January 13, 2009

yummy bunnies in my tummies

[stupid Qs :( apparently the mermaid chair doesn't want to mermakeme over]

BUNNIES. obviously cute. arguably edible. to a half cat in a fantasy land, terribly terribly temptingly tasty. so when i tp'ed over to Otaku Design off a notecard tip and saw two little bunnies in a magical little coupling, i squeed just a bit and started gushing. you know what is kind of radical? all you have to do, if you really want people to like you...is be NICE. OMFG concept time i know. lightbulb going off in anyone's head right now? seriously folks. think it over, give it a serious consideration at least. because all i did was say how freaking cute lola79 heinrichs was with her little bunny pal in her CSR DP*yumyum av and she started handing stuff out willy nilly to everyone! the lucky chair has new amazing items in it, and theres also a free gift out front of the door where the subscribo is located, and lola wants everyone to know it's kinda b0rked out at the moment so the gift is just in a free box. YAY. then she randomly passed me the teal set from the lucky chair just for being around and keeping it realllll. for reals, it felt a little bit like the insurance commercial where someone picks up a kids teddy as it falls out of the stroller and then the mom smiles at someone washing windows and then the guy tips the coffee shop waitress later and bla bla bla. you only get what you give i guess. so let's celebrate! lola certainly deserves love, cuz you've all been missing out on the amazing chair prizes too. i won two sets of full body tats CUPCAKE and STAR themed and theres butterfly ink and hearts and all the necessary cutening body art that you'd ever need to complete any look. yes, i just made up a word. cutening, to render something cute/cuter. but cutest, well that spot belongs to little miss bunny lola. thank you lola! now get in mah belly!!$%^^

[Love Soul] Flying Big Candy free lucky chair prize!
sirena felina hair
Vinyl Cafe valentine candy heart stockings
Sweet Leonard/Needful Things magic pixie tail (purple)
OTAKU DESIGN Hello Kitty Outfit (teal) Lucky chair prize. another set is black and white FREE AT DOOR IN BOX!!!! miss lola says to stay tuned for some awesomely anti-valentinesday  gifts so keep checking your notices from HER for sure. also 5 lucky chairs out in the mall courtyard
Aurora Black Fab boots (25L at the ongoing sale, everything in the store 25L, cute pants, tops, shoes, tats, and a lucky chair to put the cherry on the top!)

i felt kinda wrong being so purple in a blue world, but then again i was flying underwater. i say, go against the tide. yes. keep swimming. goodnight!

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  1. Thanks for your blog about my store!!! Xoxox HarmonyJade Yifu, Creator of Aurora