Monday, January 12, 2009

toy stories about inspecting gadgets

toys! all i really want is toys! in the morning, it's toys! and in the evening...
so if second life is a is such a heated debate ongoing in and out world, then surely we all log in to play, and if we play, hopefully you give your genitals a rest at least some of the time and just use cute innocent fun to entertain yourself. I KNOW I DO! when i'm not fapping to lion sounds that is. so i'm planning on blogging something awesomely sweet for my rezzday, but in the meantime the DEVO wand and the DISCORD umbrella in the past few posts have inspired me to make an entire post about some of my favorite ridiculous toys/objects in my inventory. 
so here is a post to the wonderfully suggestive candy toy that love soul currently has in their two chairs at the Love Soul Mini Mall where i am pictured above riding my stick with a huge ball!!! i have a huge ball, let me just tell you. huge. rock hard too!!! actually it's just called flying lollipop in it's description but that is sooo incomplete a name for this adorable and entertaining flying object. k so. go wait around in the mall courtyard and check both chairs, they have all the same prizes on random with 10 and 15 minute timers i believe, and check out the other stores here too, this is a well loved shopping area with tons of hidden freebies and great stores to get lost in and lose lots of money, yay! 

[Love Soul] Flying Big Candy free in lucky chairs! (also awesomely weird pink and blue lollipop hairs/pigtails available so stalk this place a bit why don't you)
Draconic Kiss Skulls N Ribbons Wrap free in store 
INORITE halloween moon and stars witch hat (free during halloween)
Paradisis Laced Love collar
BOUTIQUE CILIAN'GEL "A Lot Like Love" dress free camp item
gritty kitty hair metric in magenta
psychotic neko bushy emo star dust tail
nightshade-datura's night shoe pink (Thanks to the mobvendering boys and girls who helped me get these and the black ones in the fortune teller today! loves you all$&%^) mobvend pink set goes somewhere below 129L bottom vend price...theres also a limited time 1L free pair of sculpty cuffed shorts in the front wall of the store hidden and 1L free box of jewelry on the table back towards the two lucky chairs which ALSO have new stuff in them including lovely pale goth skins for men and women both! FUCKING GO already idiots $$??%?
Vinyl Cafe-valentine candy heart stockings free in store! lots of other stockings and shoes free

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