Saturday, January 10, 2009

WhoNose more about rawring than RARU!?!?

purrhaps i know more about rawring? but enough of that!!! HAYYY. so i'm stalking again. i mean, i was all along but i regrouped myself. ahem. thank you clara. luvs. soooo chilling at the most awesome chair party of the weekend 4sho @ Wretched Dollies crashed a couple times and when i logged back in who should i spy but miss Rarurick Ragu! mmm, food names, such trouble for me after midnight!^$Miss Ragu is a bit like a bowl of spaghetti though, at least as far as her awesome new store (*clever name included free of charge) WhoNose goes. and the Nose goes far, because Raru's introductory designs are lovely exhibits of her talent in designing and texturing but also won't drain your dear linden balance by much at all! just like a hearty pasta smothered in RAGU for the family! *groan* i know, i'm awful. i got my bad puns from my father's side of the family.

so, i highly encourage you to take the linden spending diet of good balance and head yourself over to Raru's new shop so you too can play dress up with affordable, quality goods from smaller new vendors on the grid. think global, act global, and stuff! yeah. 

all pics-
-Rarurick Ragu original creation from WhoNose ShinePurple (includes two versatile sets for lots of wear options) ONLY 60L!!!!!, check out the puffy lace underlayer to the skirt on this lovely purple number and the sculpty bow in the back in the last pic
//////AND/////// 4 completely must have 1L outfits in store like, a flashdance type work out set with some hot neon belt and headband accessories SOOOO cute. raru does great work with the sculpts she uses and adding exceptional quality detail to the appealingly simple base of each outfit, you MUST COME SEE HER STORE!!!!!
***AND AND AND!#%*** stop in next door for the freebies on the wall at misc. !!! (kitchen curtain skirt, t-shirt and a cute red dress all 0L
-silver pumps Sweeter Than Candy !STC group gift Passion (from subscribo, linked on this blog)
-Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Crown from {Violet Voltaire}
-Draconis wings in purple from Material Squirrel Wings some of the widest selection of high quality wings on the grid
this wand is one of the most attention getting objects in my entire 57K inventory (and growing :/) and it's made by another w-hat geek :( however, meat carver is admittedly talented and a bit of a particle king in his creations, which you can find in starlust at his store DEVO and it's only 200L i think! possibly 99 i don't remember i've had it for a while...totally worth it for the endless acid trails you will retain, i mean, enjoy, while trouncing around being a fairy or troll, whichever you choose! you can also buy meat's creations on rez or find them on SLex (i refuse to call it 21XSLstreet)

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