Saturday, January 31, 2009

pink, it's my new obsession. PINK: it's not even a question.

oh aerosmith, your lyrics are so shittily meaningless but the harmonica keeps me coming back everytime! well you know i like fishing already, so i decided i'd finally start to wear a few of the things i've gotten back since not recovering from inventory loss more than a week ago, and the cutest yome shouju thing i've regained lately was this lucky board dress in an amazingly appealing hue of PINK! yes. combining two obsessions now, pink, and fishing, and ending up with PINK FISH!?$ ftw. if you are not convinced yet that you should be fishing in ALL YOUR SPARE TIME on sl, then i will only have to continue posting amazing custom catches with all the fashionification. speaking of which, i have been bugging friends long since deleted multiple times from my friends list by passing them folders of duplicate fishies, but the problem is they are LOVING THEM!!$% like selena, who dropped the silver metallic butterfly headband worn amongst these pictures on me in a gift exchange, and is selling it now in her store at Sasquatch Design for only 20L!!! so go grab it, it's shiny and detailed and very super cute, cheap is just the cherry on the top.

custom catches/fishies shown:
-BFG-3000 (7seas rare)
-pink fishie swimmy (silent sparrow)
-merkat lovers (katat0nik)
-glinda the good witch chipmunk in pink (magic of oz custom from chipmunk shop)

...yome shoujo JAMpink (free from lucky board!)
...tiny black tophat from Flirt, three freebies inside on a shelf
...Butterfly headband from Sasquatch Design-ty selena! only 20L in store, freebies there too!
...Butterfly wings Lorelle in pink from Material Squirrel pawboots from Sweet Leonard
...last skin in bottom picture, Cherub valentines skin free from On the Catwalk lucky chair

ps-is it wrong that i'm quietly glad the Yes votes are beating the Heck Yes (christian) voters?

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