Monday, January 19, 2009

it's my rezzday and i'll think in black and white if i want to

hello colorful crowds. i am kind of an all or nothing person. here's me playing around with the snowday irl with some pretty shiny free/cheap things because i got coffee this morning yay...this enriches my ability to speed freeb. i am one year old in this weird place. /me ponders deeply and then falls asleep drooling on the keyboard (hey at least i don't snore)

worn throughout:
...(Junwave) sale on new hair "rock arrange" 80L each or fatpack deeper discounts
...Silent Sparrow Snow Glass suite
...purple snowflake eyes (eye mania POE gift)
...Violet Voltaire Harajuku girls rainbow tiara
...TR star armbands
...Otaku Design snowflake tats (free at some point, maybe a hunt? i like how these are black ink instead of the typical snowflake in white)
...if you can see, perv on these new color option ("beetle juice") of the datura night triple strapped pumps from Nightshade in the Necrosis sim. the lucky chairs here are pimped out triplicate with new shit and theres a mobvend, fortune teller and two dollarbies one this skin called Angelina in a pretty pale makeup almost purpley in hue
...katat0nik yee olde faithfulle Pumpkin Staff freebie you wish you hadn't missed!!

last picture: switched to similarly pale, pretty, neutral lipped Aurora makeup #4 from [42] skins, not terribly expensive given the quality, check them out for weekly freebies and lucky chairs. 

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  1. Happy late rezday dear Snarky Shopper!