Saturday, January 17, 2009

a hot mess

most of the time my avatar is as moody as i am...anyway, here's two looks that are umm i guess indicative of two entirely different moods i was in during the past two days. 

...The Abyss Marionette Doll complete avatar (just look at my pretty pictures, cuz it's stupid expensive) you're going to see the other bipolar linden spenders in Aria51 complete av a lot lately too, this one is like the internet barbie right now
...A&A Adore Abhor fishnet half gloves lucky chair prize
...Draconic Kiss skulls'n'ribbons wrist wraps free in store
...Moloko blood tattoos freebie in halloween hunt
...Katat0nik pumpkin staff (free from october hunt)
...harpoon Mijn Boa past freebie from defunct Hotel Dare

...MiaSnow Gorgeous Grape 1 skin
...Rebel-X lustre scripted eyes each one color changes independently ftw!
...Eat Rice! Vylorna hair (see the color change bangs! CHOICES! so useful in life.)
...Evie's Closet group gift January 09 Muse Gown
...Sanu Candy Hearts hairbow "bite me" (little vampire humor)
...Katat0nik pumpkin staff
...vampy teeth gift from selena heslop who owns Sasquatch Design


  1. At Body Doubles, you can camp for celebrity shapes..Gisele Bundchen seems pretty popular lmao!

  2. yay allisin, you should start your own blog :P or just help me keep updating mine! ty again dear