Saturday, January 24, 2009

kitten gone fishing, be back soon

hmm. while i wait, there's a half off sale on some of the most flattery fetching outfits from Blue Blood at the Gateux Boulevard location. go get some intricately detailed prim heavy colorful harajuku wildness or just a little dolly wool coat in various shades of argyle. maybe a panda outfit with pandas on the hoodie and headband and skirt and shoes? or a bunny outfit with black and pink stripes? everything's between 150-300L or so which is more than reasonable and makes me not feel so bad about losing my entire blue blood folder because in the meantime i can wear all this new greatness at greatly reduced cost and feel a little less stupid for continuing to buy shit when it'll probably just get lost again....meh.

feel a bit lost? need some centering. well, my kitty friend aptly named miss serenity was fishing at Love Soul chairs the other day and i was like, WOW, i could get those cutey katat0nik fish and prizes from Junwave hair and Love Soul nails and all these other great designers stores with custom prizes WHILE i multitask and sit and wait on the chair letters? omfg time. course kitties are just smart, i should have picked up on this long ago. pru and wren and sileny over at Love/Hate busted open the love soul fishing prizes in a post a while back and they are tempting enough but what really caught my eye was miss Sabriel's purdy katfish. will post pictures when i get one of my favies. in the meantime you can join in the fun for a small fee of course, there's 1L demo rods you can fish for limited time periods on but you need bait, got 600 pieces (600 chances to win a fish, from casting out with bait) for 150L so ...actually comes out to less lindens per hour spent than i probably would if i just went shopping. the pro rod is 250L and there's no reason to buy any of the other parts of the fishing gear unless you get hardcore into it and want your own dock and boat and such...this kitty prefers to stay on shore, such a land lubber i know. the bonus is, most of the time even when you don't win a custom prize from the store you're fishing at but there's also generic common/uncommon/rare/super rare prizes from the 7seas vendor themselves, little flying fishy pets you've seen absolutely everyone with by now, and the variety of fish possible to win seems endless as far as i've observed. anyone from a marine biologist to a cat lady can enjoy this little pasttime. reminds me almost of fishing in animal planet. YUSSSS. cuteness. have fun kids.

edit: also, i'm just thinking about catching a fishing buddy, and the potential within this fishing system to trade and mix and match and barter like stickers in 2nd grade. additionally, if you're a collector type like me, these special designers sometimes offer CLOTHES and accessories as upper level prizes so if you're into gathering obscure limited edition items and such, this is a must try. WARNING THOUGH: highly, super, deeply addictive, like gambling on cocaine while drunk with a nympho hooker.

you can find me fishing at the following spots and more to come when i hear about them. 
Katat0nik (fishery on the roof)

[complete list of fishing areas, organized and indicating where custom catches can be found]

oh fine, you want free clothes and stuff? here's what i've found that you should check out on MY WORD ALONE the past few days. if you hate every item i've found message me in world and complain to my face. please!!!! JUNOOOO i find teh awesomes. 
...Spexx 1L new set of blue & pink wayfarer sunnies, also last weeks 1L skirt/leggings set out
...Project Kiwi two sets of 1L jeans with three wear options and prim cuffs with each 
...CIA 1L dress just right of the central counter black and white with green accents unrecorded 1L set of pale tintable skins and 1L set of pearl jewelry 
...Belleza skin gifts for male AND female join group and click signs to left of entryway
...Naive set of 4 skins all tones in subscribo gift
...lessthan3 set of 1L skins 
...Gbberish cute free summery cream houndstooth suit set
...Pixeldolls red silky asian dress free in subscribo 

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