Thursday, January 8, 2009

wtf? omfg, etc.

what the? i guess this is the year gay panda sex became acceptable. small strides you know. i am using a freebie halloween pose from sugar mill to be the rather serious bird that i am in my silent sparrow outfit du semain (not du jour, i can't take these lovelies off for days) and look epic marking the colossal civil and animal rights progress that this gay panda sex acceptance represents. 

-photo taken at the perhaps admittedly pervy neko store Sweet Leonard

speaking of gay pandas....while i was sorting my old lucky chair/camp notecards i stumbled across a bunch of freebies but this final stash was the best by far. 
KAWAII JELLY (ky jelly?????)
on the side wall, 6 amazing tee/hoodies with sculpted neck/sleeves, all 0L
with the following apt sl-ogans

Lick My (strawberry image)
I  (heart) Butt Sex
Boob Hug!
Fuck (jar image)
Fuck Me Like A Princess

can't miss out methinks ija;lkdsjfiauw857@^^$ xoxo (and some buttsecks of course)

ALSO!^$^ go to leezu baxter if you like fancy pants stuff, theres six bags of free stuff in the bargains section inside the store. 

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