Friday, January 9, 2009

i can be alone, yeah, i can watch a sunset

YAY! the lucky chair with UNISEX items is now functional in Wretched Dollies which is my favorite new lush find. went to join the group for the christmas presents incentive but ended up at the store buying tons of stuff per my usual M.O. Star Fairymeadow, the creator was actually in the store that night and she and I chatted, YES, i am a chat whore with designers! WHAT OF IT??? anyway, she's a doll, just like the store would imply :D the clothes here are victorian and impeccably textured and designed, each piece is unique, and the outfits themselves look like replica costume pieces from an epic film. star's not only a talented artist and designer for second life clothing, but she's also super nice to her customers and that's why she really deserves this post. when i went on the buying spree i spoke of on my first visit she immediately let me know that the boxes contained gift cards and encouraged me to pick something out and even worked with me in combining some vouchers to get one of the less expensive items in the store which are her fabulous hats, also featured among the lucky chair prizes!
so far the prizes i've seen include: cyan top hat, two or three and likely more wretched dollies signature original dresses complete with ruffles and bows and poofy underlayers and bloomers and socks and such, two bunny stuffies in different patterns, and a limited edition set of winter wings featured in picture 3!

picture 1-here i am wearing one of the brand spanking new releases from earlier yesterday evening called "Pretty Paisley" in green, which has obvious significance to me ...since star does not yet make hot pink victorian suits >:*{ ...willing the chair to give me everything on wildcard with my kitty face! spruced up with some schadenfreude antlers, and a freebie xmas tail still in notices for the Sweet Leonard and/or Needful Things groups. course i like to mix the high quality freebies with the even higher quality pricey shit, so i've got my black swan lazy-places synth feathered snow print paw boots on. let's hope they don't leave permanent snow/feather trails this time!!!!

picture 2-here's a close up on the skin i'm sporting. recent binge purchases have included a ridiculous amount of skins inspired by other freebie blog fashionistas forward footing in introducing me to new stores like nylon outfitters where i definitely went overboard (freebie necklaces that ding blogged from this starlusty designer in a box upstairs on the table, along with a broach and a bag), and {bazy}, where there's a limited time 1L adriana skin (or if that' the old one then the dollarbie is KALA skin?) that' gorgeous but i also had to have the palest pack of the emmie skins, this is the red make up from that set. and of course sporting my favie go-to kat lashes. also, check out the detail on the lace on this collar! so divine *hearts* also, i know my avatar was blinking at the time of this shot, but i think it's funny that she looks kinda stoned, because i am horribly unphotogenic irl and tend to also look blazed stupid :D anyway, i'm easily amused. ENJOY!

if i had the proper striking poses (*sigh* maybe someday i will) i would animate myself dancing at discos, and eating cheese on toast. that might make me merry, might make me very merry happy...but you know, in the long run, i can be alone, yeah!@& like spending days adding all the lucky chair links like a wastoid!! w00t i win at losing. anyway, hope people start to use this and at least find some good new chairs to stalk or camp spots, for when dutch touch is filled with insanely aggressive indie kids. weird, shoegazers can be so rude when they actually move.

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