Monday, January 12, 2009

Silly Poser Angel Girl, what a spag

oh haiiiii. the possession of an encyclopedic memory is both a blessing and a curse. you can never forget anything ever, like a stubborn endangered elephant, however you can remember the most obscure trivia and data compiles in your brain like a compost heap. however, shit can grow flowers, and thus was i blessed with the gift of silliness! Cilli'angel dropped several notecards on us during the halloween season offering her intricately detailed and lavish witch costumes, including *NAMES OF OUTFITS HERE* which can STILL be found for free on the top floor of her main store in an awesome castle like building. but the most enchanting designer herself let me know the other day about a brand new lucky board and several camp chair dresses she's now offering. maybe you're not terribly devoted to the concept of camping but realize that it IS a free item in the end, and the chairs cila put in are only ten minutes per item! totally wonderful of her to continue her generosity past the holidays and the introduction of a lucky board is a hard call to resist, am i right ladies? so, head on over to the Boutique Cillian'gel mainstore right now and see if your letter pops while you sit! good thing about the camp/lucky board combination in particular is that you can camp and wait for the letters to change for at least the ten minutes for just one of the awesome dresses Cila has produced for this latest promotion. if you've read the blog you may have noticed i fancy myself a bit clever, and consequently tend to enjoy cleverness in others as well. i was not only impressed but actually lawled quite a bit when i opened the boxed prizes to discover the charmingly enticing names of these dresses. in these pictures i am wearing the exquisitely detailed black dress called "Love Bites" but the three other dresses available are similarly named and include "A Lot Like Love" and "Everybody Says I Love You" and finally the adorably crap historical fiction of "Shakespeare in Love." OK! So the movie was silly, but these are dresses from Cillian'gel!!!! GO GO GO, camp, click, and freebie freak out! Enjoy, and thank you Cilly :) If you see her around be sure to thank her and other designers who continue to offer us freebies and camping for amazing items like these featured and countless others. we are really fucking spoiled, and you should all go sit in the blue bench in the corner and think about that in your dunce hat for a while until you can come back and explain to me what you've done wrong!@%


...katatonik snow bunny skin blue
...swallowtail volume bracelet black
...Curious Kitties aruasa choker purple
...CILLIAN'GEL Love Bites dress (free from store camp chairs! short camp times too)
...katatonik wish hair lite red
...weird designs stars tattoo (lucky chair prize! really cute other tats also in chair)
...Sole Sisters-eartha boot black (dollarbie in store in honor of the late great miss kitt/en)
...A.D.D. pose "Home Alone" 1L in store front counter vendor inside door
...and another favorite friend's build, the talented and emotionally insensitive Emo Gymnast created these ghey love/hate knuckle rings (with bling for added griefing potential!)
i highly suggest you try to get Senor Emo to respond to your ims requesting information about this not for sale item he gifted me long ago in fairer moments of slife. mister gymnast, by the time you click the link i've im-ed you, i will have your ip address. BAhAHAHA who's the smartest girl you've ever met on sl NOW eh???

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