Monday, January 5, 2009

lemania: queen of hunts

*edit-added in a super cutie picture of me and val at our first date, erm i mean meeting* (here's the cuppycake crown from violet voltaire i mentioned in an earlier post)
oh hai again. i just tp'ed into lemania's wonderfully winterful sim yesterday because i was a bit confused. there was the 50 dollarbie item hunt in october, edit[***AND I FORGOT*** the 50 turkeys hunt for thanksgiving!], then there were 50 grinchy grab boxes for the winter holidays, and now there seems to be ANOTHER 50+ item hunt, for january, just because?!?!?!?

which brings me to my personal decision to dub miss lemania indigo the queen of hunts. to showcase the lush beauty that is lemania's pretty much all-encompassing sense of style, i've selected a little number called "blue velvet" which was a group gift from september i busted out for halloween and paired with a witch hat and got lost of positive comments on. the amazing thing is that this outfit ALSO just cost 1L. one freaking linden! second picture gives a little preview of how fun it is to just spin around in these types of gowns from lemania, with the flexi petals swooping around looking like velvety ripples. among the 50 dollarbies you can collect at any of the endless but welcome lemania hunts are dozens of outfits just like this gorgy dress which you can often see previewed on the freebie blogs i've linked on the edge of this blog. additionally, lemania has the good sense and a relatively lax attitude in terms of hunts in that she leaves the items out for an incredibly long period of time. if you can't log in for twenty minutes to run around collecting these boxes of goodness once a month you may miss the hunts but even if you aren't online often, lemania's store offers infinite possiblities for dressing yourself well on a limited or nonexistent linden budget. there's dollarbies all over the store, every day there's discounted featured dresses or outfits around 100L or so, and there's also lucky chairs galore. not to mention every month or more a new group gift appears available to all second lifers for 1L just inside the entrace. you really can't miss out on lemania's generosity forever, you WILL find yourself hunting for a must have gown you WILL eventually see on someone else. so go check it out! enjoy.

pictured items:
...lemania indigo blue velvet dress 1L september group gift
...milk motion NINON light skin free at hotel dare's freebie forest
...Ztique charley mini hat, pink (free at some point, but ztique often has awesome dollarbies and seasonal gifts including victorian style ankle boots and hats and other accessories)
and finally, never without my staff (not free but awesome)...
.....................................barracuda onion staff (design inspired by meeeeee), valena vacano builder 

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