Saturday, January 31, 2009

starlust is the seventh deadly sin to my mastercard

so, you're bored of my fishing exploits? BUT THEY INVOLVE SHOPPING TOO!^$^%% come on people. like the other day, when i was collecting schadenfreude critters at starlust's boardwalk. noticed the stitch by stitch and bought the first dress in another post, then i kept looking around and recognizing names and loving clothes and what do we do when we loves us some clothes ladies? we buys them, that's right precious. i walked into the giant crab and walked out slightly less crabby because i found this awesome guppy dress! how appropriate is this for my new fishing mania? comes in several other colors too, but i like the black with all the colorful fishies i'm getting hooked on. check out the amazing sculpt work in the sleeves and the detail on the texture, it literally looks like um, wow, project runway is failing me, but i guess i'd refer to them as overlapping layers of rounded taffeta scales, and see if i got kicked off the show or not. the sculpt for the body of the dress and the two shoulders are just really impressive, if you wait and watch them load from the sculpts you can try to imagine shaping them yourself and then you'll probably come to the same conclusion i did, that you're glad gabby lime is selling them in the TWEE store for totally reasonable prices. 

twee-guppy dress in black
Coquette-OTK boots previous subscribo gift with complete outfit

and screw you if you don't like it, i'm showing you more custom catches!
goldfish hat purple
goldfish hat pink
celestial fish pink
celestial fish aqua
panda fish pink
all from FallnAngel Creations fishing bucket

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