Sunday, February 1, 2009

is our okre learning?

oh heyyy. if you think i'm smart, let me tell you what i only JUST figured out after a year and some weeks on second life. double clicking an item/object in inventory will make you wear it. (for me this is huge since i got the new imac cuz right clicking is not an option on mac mice, you have to hit shift and click...) yes. i am so smart. i am so smart. s-m-r-t. now where are my donuts?


  1. But it only works for macs I'm afraid. Double clicking on an object with a pc brings up its properties box. I was so excited when I read this.

    I just got a MacBook Pro and am moving between both my old Dell and my Mac. I am not a happy camper in my Mac SL. All those missing keys like Home and Page up and Page down for flying. Do you know if there is a list of alternate keystrokes for the Mac in SL? Googling didn't seem to get me anywhere.

    I use a Bluetooth Logitech mouse so it is fine. I thought the Mighty Mouse was a two button mouse now. I did not buy the wireless Mighty Mouse since the reviews were so bad.

    JMB Balogh in SL

  2. err after i posted this it turns out its only clothing layers, not objects even...prims wont attach but you can sort inventory clothing easily this way....meh. i was excited!^