Thursday, February 12, 2009

still no pitchers??? get sl some steroids

so, lag, and other things, recompiling/reorganizing are taking up my time online right now. but, that's really good news, because i'm getting TONS of my shit back, like, literally almost all of it. at least from the english speaking section of designers. what's been really mutually depressing and furthering the annoyance of this issue is several HUGE mistakes and ongoing flaws in lindens design of the whole platform/"game" whatever you want to call it.

HUGE FUCKING ISSUE #1-no offline backup! wtf is up with this shit anyway. we spend hundreds of dollars on pixel clothes and we can't even put our fur coats in storage or lock our diamonds in a safe deposit box? seriously, get REAL. even designers i know haven't yet signed up for second inventory or anything because unless you have full perms on an object you can't upload it on the third party server. there should be a third, or fuck, even a linden server, somewhere separate, to store all the data. i mean, they log our local chat every single line of gesture spam and text scsii art that drunk asshats throw into welcome area chatter and yet they can't save our expensive and irreplaceable objects? total bullshit. i'm calling you on it, lindens. how you like them apples? i think it's funny, i'm a bit paranoid atm with all my name calling at LL that i'm going to be banned or get in high school trouble and be sent to the principals office or something. but really, as this blog and my exploits in world should prove, i'm a pretty dedicated customer, and i spend more lindens than almost anyone i know in world. 

HUGE FUCKING ISSUE #2-the people using second life are shitty individuals.
SO MANY designers have responded initially to my notes/messages with wariness because of assholes who have scammed them prior to my requests today. who the fuck do you think you are? you're fucking ruining it for those of us who are legit and decent people. make customer service more of an aggressive battle between two opposing forces when it should be a mutual aim to make us look good/feel good e-psychologically and support online/cyber/real life artists financially. 

HUGE FUCKING ISSUE #3 (or 1, sub A)-no logs of complete transactions history. HELLO? you can keep logs of all the 0L items i purchase for no real reason at all but you can't document when i spend 5000 in nyla's store or blow 5k in armidi? great thinking there LL. oh wait, you aren't paid to think....what ARE you paid to do exactly? rodney? anyone? i know rodney eats ribs and soda over his desk most of the time i meet up with him in ahern. don't deny it either. 
***For the Record: you cannot download the old account transactions file from your account page online even if you wanted to if you have a mac. the file itself is an unrecognized format for mac's and os.x so you're totally left out in the cold if you have a top of the line computer. 

ok. remember kids, when you see your local friendly lindens, be sure to pass on a message for me!!!!

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