Thursday, February 5, 2009

duplicates! (and group guilt)

bah. so...i feel really bad i just had to leave the lately formed Uncle Wiggily in Michigan group for group slot reasons, fucking christ this is getting old quick. i got invited to another friend's group and don't want to appear uninterested so i have to go to my groups list and narrow it down to one i can delete without wasting the pay fee or the special invitation/group invite process, and i'm almost up to 24 of those anyway as it is. SO ANNOYING. i'm pissed off for other reasons too, but the clothes i'm in don't reflect that at all. i love emotional irony as expressed through clothing. especially works on second life, since the clothes are so detailed and artful. like those of miss michigan, esme michigan of Uncle Wiggily fame. i ran into her whilst collecting some new dollarbies blogged on the free blogs and sat about chatting and figuring out where to put the cutesy framed pictures in the new store location in maske. i commented that esme's use of prints and dress styling reminds me of the real life clothing line Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters' girlier, classier older sister) and esme was flattered, but i think the comparison holds. thank god, however, that her prices are more affordable than the real life store, because there are not only so many goodies to be had all over the locations of Uncle Wiggily now spread across the grid but you can also buy the full price items at a very reasonable price point, once again between 50-160L for shirts, skirts, dresses and tops of the most divine textures and prints you could imagine in any world. this is what i love most about esme's creations. there is a natural beauty, and a literal naturalism to the patterns she chooses and she's only just begun her work really, the store is relatively new to second life and already her work is impeccable and tasteful while still providing feminine, girly options for more than affordable cost. here i am at the latest store location i chanced upon, complete with posed/animated furniture for my photoshoot primping ponce purposes. i'm starting to think i don't even need to learn photoshop, if i keep finding awesome niches in stores with this sort of objects.  note how i am curled up in the fetal position crying about my lost inventory still in one picture? yeah. i'm trying to think how to e-therapy this issue but i'm not sure spending lindens in another shopping binge is the right idea given that the whole problem revolves around there being absolutely no offline way to backup inventory. speaking of shitty customer service. *coughs loudly like an emphysema patient*

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  1. Aww, Rebecca, thanks for your sweet post. I'm thinking of switching to a subscribe-o-matic since there isn't a lot of point in having groups that are free these days...