Tuesday, February 10, 2009

second life is all sunshine and rainbows

some of you may know i consider myself "half gay." ok, now you all do. anyway, i LOVE rainbows. have my whole life too. whomever is now thinking to themselves "Rainbows, I hate rainbows..." you're a bad person!! i started my rainbow obsession on second life purchasing an awesome set of Rainbow Brite boots from Love Kitty that have to be the best available. if target sold rainbow brite boots irl i would buy them and never take them off until May. anyway, the boots begot need for an outfit, and one outfit would leave me feeling unsatisfied in quality so i've been on epic quests for the perfect rainbow brite costume since then. in the meantime, however, there is a golden pot at the end of it full of rainbow shit all over the grid, and here's some of the stuff i've found recently. 

...free rainbow wings from a pack no idea where i got them sorry :(
...Malizz group gift color change glasses free now!
...Drinkenstein Sorbet skin available in Sea Hole store
...*aN* amerie's naughty star tights
...FM funkeheknom rainbow particle rainbow pumps (particles work no matter what the land settings FTW!!)
...Dirty Lynx kittz neko skirt (rainbow paws oooh)
...Katat0nik rainbow locked heart choker new group gift! color change one only 25L in store yay
...Otaku Designs nightmare rainbow tats free hunt gift! go to Razor Mall and have at the freeness
...Violet Voltaire Kaela crown rainbow

also...i finally forked over for a flickr so eventually the format will change so i can insert pictures within text like i dunno how to do yet with blogspot. baby steps on the intrawebz, yay.

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