Sunday, February 22, 2009

"i'm a model, you know what i mean..."

and i do my little turn on the catwalk...yeah the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk, yeah i shake my little tush on the catwalk.

oh HAI. you, you bloggers you. you have manipulated your positions of relative power into getting you modeling jobs. don't lie. i've seen you at work. swirling around in a completely unmesmerizing and rather more nauseating circle on your LITERAL pedestals you and someone indulging you incredibly much have placed you on. how small is your mind? how small is your waist? i have a feeling if i told you how i really felt about you you'd go throw up the four saltine crackers you ALLOWED yourself to eat IRL today. don't worry, i don't want to encourage you to purge. rather, to kill yourself. who do you think you are? you even pick SHITTY places to model for, because you couldn't get "hired" anywhere else. you place value on the average price of the skins at the store you model for without taking into account how no one wants them unless they came free from the lucky chair. the idea of modeling in sl is so laughable to me. i worked in a ward with eating disorder girls in a hospital for a few weeks and i've seen first hand how fucked up you all are in your little fragile minds. i know, daddy raped you. i am sorry for that. one is going to make it up to you by pampering you...or wait no, actually, they are. wow. how ugly must you be in reality to want a job on a virtual forum where your avatar, bearing probably no resemblance to your real person at all, has to spin around in a circle in a store and you script something simple to yell HI WELCOME TO SO AND SO everytime someone enters the land parcel. what a TOUGH JOB. i mean, i really hope you're getting compensated for it. because that shit has to be the biggest waste of time i've seen besides camping and protesting scientology on sl. no one needs you to dress up in the clothes. we can see them on the wall. or we can see them on the designer, someone involved in the process who actually possesses talent or verve unlike yourself. you want to model something on second life? buy it. wear it. this is also called modeling. true story, i am an english major, trust me on this.
you want to earn some REAL lindens? try taking your pixel clothes off. then at least you'd be being honest with yourself and the rest of us about the whore you are.

also, i happen to know that half of you are underage and shouldn't even be on the grid. yes, val, hi!!! after a minute of afterthought, i'd have to say the only job MORE laughable on all of second life is "DJ" LOLOLOLOL ohhh you think your taste in music RAWKS don't you???? *giggles and vomits in her mouth a little bit*

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