Saturday, February 14, 2009

i love boobs

do you love boobs? women should love their own boobs. i saw pru posting about the schadenfreude valentines candy box and i finally put it on and damned if i didn't have to click my own box for about 20 full minutes to get all my goodies. in the spirit of clicking your own box, i suddenly remembered a perfect item to wish you all a miserable valentines day with. here is the breast cancer awareness chair i picked up for free somewhere along the hunt. it's awesome, i really wish i had kept an organized landmark for it because all the properties say is "Breast Cancer Valentines Gift from Sher!" anyway, ladies, if tom green can tell the dudes to feel their balls, surely i can lovingly remind you all to feel your boobs. ashia, i'm looking at you and yr pasties over there on free*style

moral of this story: pink is good. pink can make you think. think about pink, put on the divynls, dress yr avi up in some heart or skull pasties and have at it womynz!

check out this pretty in pink dress from callie cline, it's the dressing venus and i certainly feel aphroditic in it. also drinkenstein sorbet got dropped into ahern earlier today and i started heckling about how great the skins were and got dropped this LOVELY new one not yet in store. damn i'm good!!!#%%% how do i do it???? i need to take some piccies of the back cuz it's got a pink dragon tat etched into the skin below the neck.

ps-just because i'm fishing for whale hookers does not mean i want e-sluts. kthx!

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  1. Hey, I might know who Sher is!!! Hook up with me online next time you see me there and I'll send you a landmark for the store.