Friday, February 20, 2009

ao interrupted

i have nothing new to say really, go fuck yourself, i hate you, you are dull, etc. you know what really annoys me right now? the murmurs "you suck" is not available on itunes and i cannae make soulseex work on my new harddrive. i can download a video of the old tune...if i wanted to, for like $4 usd. WAAAAAAAAAH.

i think it's funny when the ao makes me sit weird for camps or in chairs and so forth. here's the latest amusement which occurred when i tried to camp for some jeans at umi usagi. apparently i have to kiss some rabbit ass to get these things!^$

second photo: my vassar days scream out against the injustice of this gender biased lucky chair signage, but i have to assume it's just shitty japanese translation/sexism.

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