Thursday, February 19, 2009

make a statement with yr statement tees. and i have quite a few statements to make, so strap yourselves in

maybe even one that ends in an exclamation mark or at least a period. 

do you have absolutely nothing to say for yourself? does the title "go fuck yourself" sometimes leave you with too few hateful instant messages randomly aggressing against your profile content which is hidden from search anyway because of the inflamatory nature of its substance? or perhaps you are just boring, have no personality at all, and could use a tee shirt to help you express yourself? do you and two of your alts run a free blog with a dull background aptly summarizing the brilliance of your...boring inner spirit where you find cheap shitty furniture no one wants and crappily textured cheap shit for equally cheap readers? maybe if i beat you over the head with an e-baseball bat the resulting lesion would help you to grow a personality? either way, here are some of my favorite statement tees, that leave no room for questioning your intent/attitude/personality. seriously, go buy these tees, you could even gain a personality by doing so!!!! w00t.

tees shown:
back off bitch,
hotter than you-both from dv8 twisted hunt preview bag
needles scare me too tee from concrete flowers (for those of us who have managed to avoid the allure of heroin addiction)
i do NOT heart v-day tank from Addict
and one for the stupid group chat gabbers: common sense is not so common from SD wears
amusing I am romantic tee to stress the point for the men out there who fail to come off as romantic on their own from [KA] 
with a shirt like this, who needs pants! from [whimsy]
be my v@lentine tee for those of you like myself who will never actually have a real partner
check out my booty snarky pirate whore tee, i dunno why but this makes me think of you waterz, even though the avi on the tee is nowhere near as purdy as yourself. creator is straikitten tigerpaw, can't tell which store from profile picks sorry
dick candy hearts, cuz be honest, most of you are in love with a dick of some sort, tee from punk shack
all emerican "i don't try hard to look this good" tee and i don't know where it's from, but ain't that the TROOF.
stitch by stitch pink cutey tee "i shop therefore i am" i dunno the latin for to shop sorry marines, but i definitely ergo sum
jezzebel rock *vintage panda t* ...theres lots of cute animals that need to be taken care of before you go off breeding k peoples? everytime you give birth, a panda dies. true story. also, koala bear is in yr ceiling, watching you fuck your mentally retarded white trash husband.
god speed you tee from calmera, i have to assume someone forgot to include "black emperor" on the back, right? tell me i'm right...right?!?
everyone loves a rl clothing translation onto second life, yeah? like this 7up yours tee. from pixelless tees. 
sn@tch's interestingly provocative "stop rape. say yes." tee once free...could not ignore
an "oh snap" tee from rainbow snail design, now i just need animated/sound included sl slap bracelets and i will be able to fully regress to age seven online, also where this rainbows are gay tee is from, and stop looking at my boobs straight ladies.
probably my favorite store for tees though has to be STUFF, i stopped in there months ago and loaded up, but never got a chance to wear these tees. guess i'm snarky enough in world as is?
....scrabble lettered FUCK YOU tee (word value 19 points if i tally correctly)
...motha fucking princess tee (although this may or may not be an avril lavigne reference)
...will work for shoes tee (i clearly don't work for much but shoes may be one thing)
[TOCO] designs clown tee, text says "you must be this long to ride" figure it out yrself
rot.designs Plant More Trees (did i mention, everytime you splooge out a baby a thousand trees die? this tee would ideally say "stop breeding" as a preface to the sentiment)
i believe hirshel made this "i survived waterhead" tee in days when he was behaving like less of a childish cunt
ever classic i'm with stupid no idea where from
and some political tees that were being passed around over the election season, dick's gun club is pretty epic, but the others are good too, one has w. with bleeding vampire teeth sucking the statue of liberty dry
and if you don't like what my tees and i have to say, you can always just choose this option and KICK ME, like the decollage shirt says
among the internet rumours out there about my persona this kesskreations one probably summarizes the most accurate indication, that is, "Will Fuck For Smokes" free tee at the horst prison of starlust
free martha tee from nylon outfitters
this (muted) tee from vinyl cafe at one time is a bit redundant for my tastes, everyone knows i've muted them already
this tee also from vinyl cafe says " i thought the guys here would be hotter" which is not true but still funny to say
the next tee from toast is also amusing, if you guys all keep breeding maybe we can go soylent green style and put your little ones to use eventually, although "meat is murder" it is quite tasty
and i'll go out on a positive note here's the naughty neko designs tee that summarizes my most spiritual of beliefs: "abort born again christians"

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