Monday, February 9, 2009

lunchboxes and boy tois

so, i've been walking around in the bathing suit from a couple days ago and decided it made a good point at least in my head it makes sense that i am wearing lingerie because i have no clothes!!$&%^ err, i lost all my good ones. well. not even true. but i'm still being petulant. and expressing it in my pixel garb. so, i made my title "I Need Clothes" for a while to further the cause, and while i have clothing i'm going to post later today for very good reason, i fully intend to continue wearing lingerie bathing suits and latex gear until i get into a better e-state of e-mind about the inventory loss (will it ever happen?). however, it's hard to be so fussy and upset when there's hundreds of gifts being showered upon me every minute of every hour of every day i log in to second life. today i got a notice from the Toi Store where they had some cute wooden block necklaces at cheap prices a while ago, and i remembered liking the idea of the store, so I went back when the notice said lips with free things in them!!!! and i got this awesome lunchbox! Toi himself was in store when i showed up and he passed me ANOTHER super cutey lunchbox (kungfu style) in addition to this free marilyn monroe themed one you can pick up in the "hidden" lips...tiny store, so go knock yourself out "hunting" :D and speaking of hunts, i'm pictured here in some of the lovely floral seats around Ohana Isle for the Eolande's sponsored hunt, which sidetracked me when i went to check out the lucky chairs (candy hearts jewelry now featured) and the GLHunt box in Eolande's...she is having her own hunt and you just walk around looking for little pink hearts with white titles indicating their number, then bam, you have a folder of new accessories and jewels GOODY!!!!%@$ the delicate floral arrangements in the garden here lent themselves perfectly to the bright red in the outfit and hair i am wearing, the bikini was a subscribo gift from Scarlia in the past but the boots and hair (Diversity Hair valentine gift right in front in store) are both free prizes found amidst the ongoing hunts/freebie blogging frenzy of the season. this skin too, was a miasnow dollarbie around christmas time. in fact, the only things not free that i'm wearing in these images are the tattoo (Truth), the skull bracers from Dirty Lynx, and the scripted color change/size reset hearts belt from GrueLing designs. no cash to spend? that's ok, Dirty Lynx has lucky chairs in two locations (see sidebar links) and Grue is gifting a pair of heart and diamond earrings in store now so hurry and go! underlayer gloves free at one point from Retox, hunt gift maybe? boots just came to my attention in another note that i've since deleted, free on the pedestal in Dominion shopping district. 

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