Wednesday, February 25, 2009

black is the new president, bitch

so, you may not follow my comments in the sidebar but i link to freebies and chairs and cheap shit all over the place, pretty much anytime i get a notecard. i'm one of those crazies who actually sorts and reads all the cards. how? well, i will say my brain has adapted to a bit of a google like system, i scan for keywords and phrases like "group gift" or "freebie" or "dollarbie" or "cheap" etc sort of the same way that if i bother to open a person's profile and it has "girlfriend" "boyfriend" "married" or "voting republican" anywhere in it i insta-mute. granted, a lot of people don't use their words properly and therefore some of these investigations lead to misguided advertisements and inaccurate promises but that being said, i do manage to find a buttload of awesome crap mostly for free every day i log on. "awesome crap" is probably how i would usually describe something like this most recent find, but i'm going out on a limb and going to call it even awesome NON-crap, because there's nothing crappy about 10L eyes that rock your world and make you feel like a painting while you waltz around the grid. such is the beauty of Tacky Star eyes, and when Miss Falta sent a note announcing her RL art show/SL eye store sale a few days ago i hopped on that limo's roof and rode it to the very end, having remembered instantly the amazing set of christmas eyes that she offered free a few months ago. [these eyes and other freebies are still available at the store by the way, miss falta is too generous with her artistic talent] I bought out the whole store, so what is that? maybe 15 packs of eyes for around 200L. crazy sick. the best part is that aura includes about 4-10 variations on any one eye set she sells, so you get big pupils, white irises, black irises, veined, deveined, and honestly many other distinctions on eye types that i can't even list because they're so incredibly detailed. me? i have an eye for detail myself, and furthermore an eye for those artists ALSO with an eye for detail. then you go and throw detailed EYES into the mix, and i guess i'm currently experiencing an eye for detail for detailed eyes by eye detailers. miss falta is among my latest figures of worship because i'm just so damn excited to hear about people still in school, working their butts off to get degrees who can still find the time to contribute in their own way to the art community on the grid. please, please, please, go check out the Tacky Star store new location at the very least, and if you are interested like i am about crossover material, check out miss falta's flickr site as well to see some rough images of her art exhibit, linked here.
mardi gras finally got to me, in a hangover sort of way i guess, because i peeped so many people wearing awesome peacocky carnivalesque dresses and items that fed me this amalgamation in the pictures above. 
i am wearing:
prim & pixel's jeweled peacock dress was a hunt gift...maybe halloween?
marci monsoo's handmade particle wand W00t you go girl
skinthesis' mardi gras limited edition skin from lucky chair in ETHNIC, ahem, black is beautiful, in case you weren't willing to admit it to yourself, go perv on these pics for a while
primalot lucky chairs have this new "glowing for you" set in a perfectly matching teal
tacky star!!! new true bloody orchid eyes (these are large: no vein)
and also, even my custom "fish" this king dragonfly from the new Skinthesis fishing area "Hell's Hole" is mardi grawing it up, and as the pictures taken finally show the whole area is set up like a backwater bayou in new orlaaaaans, it's quite charming really

***i have been trying to get SL to work with me through the lag at the photo studio thingee i am using lately but it will just not give up trying to play hard to get, so there's only one image here atm but i couldn't wait any longer to force feed you daily show clips.

guys, if you want to piss yourself laughing, watch "unusual suspect" video linked from my baby's papa jon jon daily show thing you guys may have heard of this show? it's on cable tv! 
george bush is no longer president and, look, the daily show is still funny~!# i made the mistake of trying to drink a beverage while watching this skit which resulted in sprayed kool aid all over my floor and rugs and couch. very not safe for those with a sense of humor. "OF COURSE i'm serious!"

or if you just want cute overload

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