Monday, February 9, 2009

i don't miss you.

are you a bad person? do you prey on vulnerable sick young women on the internet? well. sometimes shit happens not just on the internet. like in australia for example. white people died. true story. if you want to help raise money and redeem your soul by tiny amounts maybe you could go get this beautiful recolor of an Evie's Closet dress for 500L to raise money for the fire victims. that's about 2 US dollars to make yourself feel better for a minute or two...might even last longer than a bag of heroin. 

the stringer mausoleum wings are a hunt gift, as is the fan from Digital Eyes.

moar aid for whitey:
limited edition white/red and plain white boots at Lazy Places
AnaLu skins
Studio Sidhe jewelry
Spork pink sweater limited edition
Trubble main store
Kuntshammer (necklace)
Hatpins purple lacey decorated hat
Laughing Academy red/black valentines dress

entire area of red cross donation vendors at LVS Drive sim
ALL PROCEEDS benefit the red cross, etc. totally non-profit endeavor. something i can really put my (dad's) money behind.

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