Friday, February 13, 2009

incestuous cliques like insect clicks

so i was thinking about the e-dramz today and laughing at the incest that occurs on sl more than it has since i was in high school. ladies, ladies, ladies, PLEASE, stop hitting on me when your man isn't around. and please, get your boyfriends to stop calling me. i don't answer my phone anyway! 

(what's the?) scenario:
AA begs to show me her tits on cam my first day on SL. later AA partners with FK who eventually leaves her for LM but only after LM's partner BX has gone on too long of a rl heroin binge so she abandons him taking LM from AA. AA is a slut but now calls me a whore whenever she can because she is embarassed about being the welcome area bicycle. don't think i forgot your offer to cam for me babe :) now her partner FX stalks me when she's IRL probably fucking strange men she picks up at lesbian bars. PEOPLE. leave me out of this shit. it's tiring and it gives me a headache thinking about the circularity of it all. expand your unlove triangles into squares, rectangles, i don't fucking care, just leave me alone!!!! i'm happier this way than any of you are with each other besides. also, you're all muted :D

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy all alone in my no relationship SLife too! Let's make group tags that say "Slut = Muted" XD