Wednesday, February 4, 2009

word about hunts: don't be a cunt

my thoughts on the varying levels of difficulty in hunts, and the comments specifically about this most recent blue blood valentine's hunt (which btw, pictures coming, cuz the outfit is effing cute)

hunt - 16 dictionary results
-verb (used with object)
-verb (used without object)
11. an act or practice of hunting game or other wild animals.
12. a search; a seeking or endeavor to find.
13. a pursuit.
14. a group of persons associated for the purposes of hunting; an association of hunters.
15. an area hunted over.

pronunciation key: hunt-ed, hunt-ing, hunts
1. The act or sport of hunting.
2. a. A hunting expedition or outing, usually with horses and hounds.
    b. Those taking part in such an expedition or outing.
3. A diligent search or pursuit.

there's your snark for today. i'm sleeping like a wild lioness, about 16 hours a day or so. cheers kitties.

also, as the english major in me screams out to note, hunt in the noun AND verb forms never implies that you will necessarily FIND what it is you are seeking. in second life, or in first. AHEM. 

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