Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oooh wee, are we gonna fly, down into the EASY CHAIR(s)

"buy me some rings and a gun that sings
a flute that toots and a bee that stings"

...or you could just buy me stuff. OR....OR you could just go to these easy chairs, and hang out with the thrillingly fun and rejuvenatingly charming owners and artists behind the prizes. i swear on my mother, i showed up at Prelude and polaire started rigging the lucky board so me and one other shopper got every single prize on wildcard :O some people are too nice. shouted at me, "it's only pixels" but i countered that IT IS ART!!!! and free art, well, that's like, so po-po-mo-mo it's very me-me. 

i also had the pleasure of encountering miss dream fizzle for the second time after a brief but stimulating reparte when i spotted her and her sister miss paisley mizin at the sugar mill shops on saturday browsing the 1/2 off sales carts. i bought some violet voltaire pieces i didn't have yet there for half price, my folder is growing...i will probably have the whole store soon, yay for compulsive collection-ists! and goshdarnit, if these sisters have their way, i will get my whole folder of Sisters goodies back too. dream has three sisters on second life and they are ALL wildly talented. this is another family, an actual one, that would be a well...dream to be in :) ran into these lovelies at the store last night while i was stalking the chair which has TWO adorable dresses, the chocolate lace and the dotty dress, both blogged on free blogs already. but here's an upcoming release from Sisters that Dream shared with me and i'm happily blogging because it is, as she said herself, SOOO kawaii, the candy textures on the skirt and the multiple options of styles for the skirt itself are so versatile especially at this season...easily paired it up with some hearts and cupcakey jewelry from violet as well. the socks i'm wearing are from sister paisley, who works wonders with textures and prints just like dream does with the dresses at sisters but she has her own store closeby in starlust at Sock Shop where you can find these and many other adorable print tights, socks and leggings. i also was commenting to dream about the greatly appreciated affordability of her and many other artists in starlusts vendors and stores (dresses and sets around 100-200L total), and she quipped simply that she is a populist and believes in making things available to everyone, and i applaud this principle in herein disclosing to you this personal pricing policy....you should absolutely go to these stores and look around even if you're essentially on a freebie budget because there are often sales and 10L items as well as the lucky chair prizes and the charming company. i've paired the outfit from these sisters with an equally bright and yummy skin i found in the LA street scene hunt but it's not free, it was in the Sea Hole store and it's hand drawn by Drinkenstein Sorbet...check out the detail in the makeup, the color scheme and YES, theres even drawing on the ears of this skin! love love love. more than three loves. also sporting the ever fab jewelry of Sanu, this is the tiniest bunneh choker group gift, which might still be in notices, and every time we hit 50 more members sanu goes crazy and gives gifts that keep giving when in inventory...so do the smart thing now and join, everything she makes (NOT LIMITED TO JEWELRY) is fun and cute, and you're seeing it all over the place now too. finally finished off with whipped cream on top...i mean, the awesome cupcake group gift hair from TEKUTEKU rather. 

if your thing is conspicuous consumption though, i can help you out there spending your lindens as well...may i recommend Sissy Pessoa's Baiastice and while you're there check out the whole sim for very hot haute. sissy makes everything from ballgowns to avant garde sculpted outfits anywhere from retro to mod to vintage if those are different things to you then yay! whatever the label, sissy makes simply divine clothes, but they go beyond clothes sometimes to tell a story like the recent group gift the chocolate set. there's also the gorgeous much blogged skin in group notices, so if you're smart and can practice tact and maybe the slightest bit of brownnosing, you should send Miss Sissy a notecard pleading to be included in her world of fashion. you will get a new splendid gift every month that is always always always blogged, and ever stunning. i've paired some pieces of purchased outfits at the store in the last picture with another set of Paisley's socks that match perfectly with a freebie corset cami from Jezabel Rock that i've accumulated through various Razor Mall hunts. on mah feets are some hot latex boots from SHI where you can find all kinds of kink and fetish gear but mainly some killer dom boots for the days you're feeling like a BOSSY bitch. key from violet voltaire. hair was 111L per color at kosh's half off sale but SO perfect for valentine's day, y'all need to thank sileny over at Love/Hate for this find. yay stalker ladies.

things are coming together finally with my inventory, sorting and chair stalking and fishing have built it up to something pretty incredible, and SORTING and deleting is e-cathartic in it's own way. while i miss what i lost, and want it back for obvious reasons, the new folders and new stores and new designers i'm (re/) discovering at the moment are thrilling and exciting enough to tide me over for...well probably at least another year. on that note, cheers, and please go stalk these stores, because you will not regret it, and you may even chance upon some amazing people throwing cute gifts at you in the process. 

begin with the Prelude (pictures pending SL lag agreeing with me)
try to find your long lost e-Sisters and visit the Sock Shop!
finish with binge spending at Baiastice for full priced power closure to your shopping day

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