Sunday, February 15, 2009

divine hearts

oh hay. got MOST of my awesome shit back already. i'm so stoked. i don't love anyone, let's be perfectly clear, but these designers surely deserve so much love for the way they've extended themselves for me and to me. i certainly at least e-love them....that's without question. i'm not going to mention names, but if you've seen me wearing their clothes and second living it up, you should go to their stores and support them, because i'm no longer going to wear anything but these amazing ladies and gentlemens designs. its been ....lovely, quite frankly, receiving all these boxes of goodies (back) because it still feels like a gift, and a pretty incredible one at that. here's some lovey dovey ness for y'all that is not free but is too cute to be denied. 

i'm wearing Miss Darcy's V for Valentine's outfit from Rebel-X and yes, it comes with all these cutey sculpt jewelry add ons
i'm also in Morrigan's Deeply Loves hot ass boot pumps for the GLHunt gift, and yes, i deeply love this man. nothing e-about it.
i've returned to this fabulous once group gift from [][]Trap[][] skin for the gothy valentines effect, that's one store i will actually type out queer symbols for the name :)
some overgabbing in the callie cline cal gal's group and she always makes a great joke of things, sent along this bad cal gal's whip, for those of you who speak drivel and nonsense in precious group chat boxes :O i cannot take it off, it's too funny. HAVE to love a designer with a keen sense of humor...

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