Friday, February 13, 2009

o rly? ok rly? rly ok? ok.

hay. so wow. you guys like it when i rant. got more hits yesterday than ever before. you want rants? i can rant. rant is actually my middle name. okrebecca rants dastardly. yes. so, when i went to check my gmail a minute ago i found this link advertised in the sidebars: The Linden Store ????? apparently they sell lindens....and the exchange rate looks, um, about the same. what is the point in that???? is that even....well i would say legal but i think the entire enterprise of selling and buying lindens/dollars online is probably technically illegal and without precedent. mmm precedents. i'm into new precedents. black ones too :O    

which reminds me. i would rant about the whole double standard of fundraising/aid on a racial spectrum analysis but....i don't want to become rapidly unpopular even to the readers who enjoy my point of view. let me just say that i assume it is easier to raise money for singed sad looking koalas than bloated starving african orphans. the end. 

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