Monday, February 2, 2009

case of the mondays

oh hai. this is my valentines day tribute. bloody mess as you see. i obviously have no valentines, for the twenty-fifth year in a row. i think it's funny that there's an anne hathaway pose out that surmises her as somehow adorable....went to school with her for a few years she is NOT an angel. the first pose pretty much screams to me: "PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO COMMENT ON WHY I DATE SHITTY PRICKS" which is sad because at vassar there really are no straight guys so how would you learn? anyway, here i am on the previously mentioned giant crab in starlust. and that's pretty much what i am today. giant crab. speaking of which one of the schadenfreude critters is a red crab, among other colors, that i nicknamed Miss Crabby, and she sits on my shoulder to defend me from griefers. 

slurls later. outfits are stitch by stitch and carnival of doom.
why? because i AM miss crabby atm.

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