Thursday, February 12, 2009

first non clothing list list on blog filled with lists

maybe i should keep a list of lists that i list that don't list clothes?

second (but primary) pet peeves:
doors on stores...take yr fucking doors down idiots. i won't even come back if a door gives me enough trouble. you ever walk into a glass door irl? and how often do you return to that location? never. yep.

charging for demos...really what's the point? is that the only way you can make money off selling shapes? which you put ads up for that don't even show the body shape? idiots x 2.

indirect tps/main landing points...not only does this make it impossible to ever explain how to get somewhere to a n00b, but it's also irritating when you have to memorize an entire sim layout to get where you want to shop/play/chat. do we really need to land near the 'ole 'oak tree in the middle of oz every time we teleport to stick our gum under the bottom branch? or what?

...more when i can be awake to be cranky more.

1 comment:

  1. Totally with ya on this one.. Especially the demo one. I won't shop anywhere that they charge for demos.. Used to, you HAD to charge for a demo because you weren't able to set an item for sale for $0L... but SL changed this years ago and yet here people are, still charging.. Im gonna throw it away.. why charge me for it? If you go to a store IRL are they gonna charge you to try on their clothes?