Friday, February 13, 2009

my black hole of a soul

oh hayyyy again. well, aside from the recompilation of my inventory (i'm back at 63,500 inventory count....oh how i missed you 60k+) people seem to be throwing awesome shit at me wherever i go with or without massive linden binging. i was ranting in dv8 waiting at the lucky chairs with amazing new boots in them (have you been hiding under a linden rock?)

(pause in typing as ferris calls my phone again on restricted for the 13th time)

anyway. um, these boots. they are hot. and i bought the available sale pairs but you have to stalk this chair with me cuz they are limited edition color combos and i am a compulsive collector. so i was ranting at my girl thiz that her grey skin with kimono look was very post apocalyptically classical and i mentioned in local chat how i have been looking for a black skin. like, black. not half black, not mulatto, not dark brown either...which americans call black because they are 95% color blind. but BLACK. and bam, vasha dropped this awesome skin on me that was made just for her but i'm steeeeealing, single black female style. shit is so hot, i don't even have to wear pants (my pants were sticking out of the lovely boots and fucking up the pictures). seriously. i'm not wearing pants in any of these pictures. AND, i finally get to break out the awesome color change staff dysturbed dropped on me when i was walking around with my glowing staff of hearts stalking the PREVIOUS still awesome hairs all in the chair at dv8. freaking love it when people make it easier to play out my character by dropping stylish essential pieces on me that i would otherwise have no means of finding or knowing about. so hot. so hot i'm burnt to a black crisp.

i am wearing:
silent sparrow lucky chair lust female set
leafy mr. buttons vday chair robot set, poofs hearts! omfg
dv8 dual color changing staff
dv8 demonette boots black (1st pics) pink/black (2nd set of pics) (yes, yes i DO luvs deez boots dysturbed!)
ms. vasha's own black kitty skin
Blue Blood gore set in pink (super cheap! go get some separates at blue blood, sale on second floor vendors today! sale in gateaux boulevard location tomorrow! so many sales, BUY BUY!!)
and finally, no pants! i am wearing no pants!!!!

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