Friday, February 27, 2009

bleached black barbie

was chatting with one of the few intelligent chair stalkers i've wrangled out of past group involvements my girl bleached the other day about skin tones and racism latent in second lifers and non-minority persons the world over. now i'm not going to lie even, i've become fixated on proving how gorgeous the dark toned skins can be and how your lines about "oh the make up doesn't look right" or "i want to look like a ghost wearing a colored dress" and shit are total nonsense and hold no weight. when i was a kid i had as diverse a group of peers as you could hope for in the 1980's at a private quaker school, but the philosophy of peace, equality, and truth hammered into me for fifteen years could not be for naught. i remember buying an american girls (copyright symbol goes here) doll named addy. the historical backstories of all of these dolls was quite detailed and they each came with a series of five books following the girls the dolls were through triumphs and tribulations. addy's historical time period was civil-war. now, this may all seem a little heavy for kids, but when you consider throwing in all the young adult historical fiction into the mix, and you'll realize that a smarter type of marketer and toy maker will at least attempt to include some kind of educational material with the toy or dolls. which is why i presume it took so damn long for black barbie to come around. let's be honest, that bitch may have everything, but she had no black friends for the longest time, and you probably had to make her make out with skipper her freaking sister if you wanted any girl on girl barbie action back in the day. anyway, i'm rambling, and losing the thread of a point i may have had. but really, black is fucking beautiful, having since then grown up to work with underprivileged inner city kids in daycares and orphanages alike, i can say without a doubt that young minority kids are MORE suspectible than possibly anyone else to the cultural myths of self esteem and values latent in mass marketing schemes. try sitting around with a group of gorgeous young women and have them all vote you as the prettiest in the room just because you've got straight hair and you may second guess yourself and your preconceived notions of beauty and ego. that being said, here i am in the same mardi gras skin from skinthesis, because i can't get enough of this purpley teal make up, which shows SO well, by the way, and i keep finding perfect svelte dresses to go with the tone. not even adjudicating race to this tone either, which interestingly enough is just called "ethnic" which again, could bear some thinking on as to why the darker tone gets labeled "ethnic" when caucasian and/or white should themselves be considered ethnicities in the whole go around of things too. fuckin a. i think too much. i know. but just.....consider, PLEASE, at least contemplate.....doing some more thinking for yourself. thank you! 

i am also wearing the nicky ree kelly svelte dress in purple
and the MnM bow and arrow cupid set from the starlust valentine's hunt
...and for the unremittent racists out there, check out my bubble butt in this gown (even though it's the same shape i always wear without fail)


  1. Yeah i totally get irked when anything dark toned is called "ethnic"...people need to like look up the word in the dictionary i think.

    Also, i had Addy tooooooo! yay for Addy! I also had Samantha. they were friends. lol.

  2. bahahahh collector qualities developed early on passed on the maternal side, i eventually had samantha, addy, kirsten, felicity, and i think i may have been too old when the native american dolly finally made it to production