Sunday, March 1, 2009

FYI to the bigheaded dummies at Sn@tch

i don't know if ivey puts it in your job description or not...but i don't think it should be required that you be a prattish cunt, just to work at a store named after vagina.

*already sanitized logs removed due to power play bullying*

by the way, an anthropological/social study of this typing pattern would seem to indicate once again a teenage typer. <3 you underage cunts. and FYI also! i bought the manhattan gown ivey released for the black swan exhibit while i waited in the lag, FOR THE SECOND TIME, because i really DO love ivey's work, and i'm also trying to be realistic about the kind of customer service any particular store can provide. i've been putting off sending any attempt at salvage of lost inventory to ivey/sn@tch precisely because it is just so huge and such a lagfest and everyone on sl owns something from the store. just....your hiring practices babe!@$ come on. you can do their job in yr sleep woman.

the whores in sn@tch: 0
lag: 10 points
time wasting: level 7
jerry springer final thought: i was obviously in the store because i liked the prize. and wanted it. however, i COULD NOT GET IT because of lag faggotry, and other childish cuntery. and when you arrive at a store and the models are ghosted by lag, that's probably not a good sign. you might not want to pay them for those hours on the pole cuz like, they weren't even really there :O

i want to add, and emphasize, how i actually *am* truly "greatful" lololol sorry, grateful, to ivey for not only making the awesome stuff she puts out with amazing speed and at no cost to quality, but also for including free noob packs, fortune tellers, group gifts, table of freebies, and a bag of stuff she finds each month or so out for everyone to collect. the amount of stuff in my former, now dead ty LL, folder of sn@tch was massive, i bought every riot vend each week for the past year, i collected all the hunt prizes, and the freebies, the halloween bobbing prizes and now the lucky dip stuff. it will not be hard to build back an amazing collection of sn@tch items given ivey's unrelenting generosity. obviously what bothers me is tp
ing into a store which suffers greatly from lag if for no other reason than it's sheer awesome popularity, and being as good as heckled by the store employees. i know, this lady thinks i was the one griefing her. griefing is interesting that way. as are natural human defense mechanisms inherent in our behaviors. my point is, it reminds me a little bit of being followed around in sam goody music store by the old manager dude because you're somehow looking like you're going to pocket a bundle of cds in your demagnetized massive shopping tote you just happened to walk in with. i used to get that look all the time as a kid, little did the employees know the spending limit on my mastercard in my wallet at the time, and ultimately who lost out was the store, who lost my business because i was made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome as a customer. there is an expression in the shopping world, dating back to ancient roman times i guess, seeing as it's in latin. "CAVEAT EMPTOR" means let the buyer beware. and while i love this one because i'm a bit of a latin nerd, i'd have to say it ties up for top spot in shopping cliches with another totally true line this one in english as i know it: "The Customer is Always Right." *sighs* i think i've made what point i can.
amazon recommends:
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ahahah and of course the little baby got me banned, i'm rezzing in retox and the prize won't show for shit, but i do see a grey model in a cage ;)


  1. WOW lag on the first day of a grid wide hunt. Shocking! Our Live models are not boring real world customer service reps. They are acting EXACTLY the way we want them too. They are there to help a bit and make a store named after a Vagina fun. You were not heckled, and what exactly is anyone to do about Lag anyway beyond what they suggested to you. We are doing everything we can to address lag including getting a new sim "Snatch City" under construction now.

    So yes lag exists, you don't like how we run our live model program, and you were our best customer and we are going to miss your business. Does that cover it? Oh wait and the misspellings in live chat insult from someone who can't be bothered to hit the caps key, unless it's to go ALL CAPS, in what should be a finished blog entry. Cute.

    Oh and I fixed the Lag issue for you by banning you from all of our sims.

    Roblem Hogarth

  2. *laughs out loud* Underage! Oh god I wish that were true. Being a bad typer doesn't make me underage... just makes me a bad typer... or it did last time I checked. Although if typing badly can indeed lower my age then here goes nothing... omgf hthat was lik majorly uncaled for innet.

    Nope, still old.... oh well worth a shot.

    love Cryssie 'crybaby' Carver

  3. FYI to the bighead named okrebecca Dastardly

    1. Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful

    Well, congratulations. You've managed to appropriately name your "fashion blog", or whatever this overly pink and time wasting excuse for a webpage is.

    Not only do you choose to spend your time bitching about fairly unimportant things, but you also choose to go into stores in SecondLife, and act like a rather large priss to the people working there. If you got banned, then the sim is better off, and I certainly hope I never run into YOU in world, due to the fact that the first things out of your mouth would undoubtedly be rude and/or ignorant.

    Its people like you who think they're better than other people, not the in store models you ranted about. I've been a model, at Sn@tch actually, and I've run into good people and bad people, and dealt with their garbage personalities. Just because you're behind a computer screen, doesn't give you the right to act like a c*nt yourself.

    Sn@tch models and owner: 10
    You: -10

    Fel Darkstone

  4. more, plz. you obviously took the time to read this :)

  5. also
    [13:56] okrebecca Dastardly: if you're going to ban
    [13:56] okrebecca Dastardly: all the bitches
    [13:56] okrebecca Dastardly: that walk into pulse sim
    [13:56] okrebecca Dastardly: you're going to have to set the sim to restricted entry

  6. For one, I think the comments so far sums up adequately the hypocrisy that exists in SL. It's a store that seems to take pride in its own snarkiness saying that snark is bad. Two. Reading the chat log, I don't see that anything she did is really ban worthy. But then again, I guess it's more the ability to ban that makes it worthwhile. Yes, you've managed to show Okrebecca who is boss. Wooo. Thirdly, it's also really exciting to see that probably the people who would be out there whining about censorship, in full censor-mode themselves. Fourth. If people didn't think that what she wrote about was so trivial, they wouldn't bother to read it. But they do and apparently, you did, too since you've responded in such a timely fashion. Often people make statements like time-wasting or so on, but they're involved in doing vastly the same silly things but I suppose it's different because it's you. Oh wait, that would fall under hypocrisy. I'm getting redundant now. There are all these games people play and the people like your splendid selves that obviously think you're better than Okrebecca because you felt the need to put her down and ban her to show your supremacy over her. Yes, you showed her. *Golf clap*

    I'm sure more Sn@tch groupies will jump in to show how cool and clever they are. Maybe if you're lucky, Roblem will give you something really awesome *cough* from Retox for your support.

    I should be really brave and add my name here so that I , too, can be perma-banned from Pulse. But then I'd miss the free stuff from the Snatch tv. And that would hurt me deeply and my second life would cease to have meaning.

    Maybe I should try modeling pixel clothing?

  7. It's against ToS to post in world logs without permission of all participating parties, so you know.

    Okrebecca, we all know you pride yourself in being a blunt, and brutal person, but being impatient for something if you truly think it's worth it has nothing to do with Sn@tch, Ivey, or the employees of the store. It's whether you can sit and wait out a rez time to find something you want.

    I think your post, and blog to be frank perfectly portray how impatient, demanding, and negative people in SL are. You all want status, and instant gratification at the cost of anyone who gets in your post.

    You should apologize to Ivey for your lack of patience, and stop acting like some big shot because you're just demeaning people now hun, for what? "I'm so cool people know me in SL."

    Regardless of where, what hunt, ect., if you can't put in an effort, wait out lag, and cope, then that's on you. Not the creators, not the others shopping or waiting, not employees. You.

    Kudos, you got more attention, as you hoped. You're just about as disgusting as Feodora.

  8. you must have missed the hundred or so other posts where i talk about amazingly gifted designers who make art instead of selling walmart on sl

  9. I'm not going to blame Ivey for this person's obvious lapse in judgement when you are working with the general public.

    I'm a avid Sn@tch fan so I find myself at the main store quite often. I have to say that Cryssie has to be one of the more annoying models there. She's right up there with the girl that should be working on a pole in a strip club than clothing store.

    As soon as you tp in, you're greeted with a some huge gesture from her. It's just not very personal or friendly. Then if you're not the type that loads right have to endure that same gesture at least 5 more times for the other people that have tped in. That in itself would cause me to have some sort of animosity for Ms. Carver.

    Last week when Snatch had the big sale..Ms. Carver could be heard "shouting" some gesture about the sale on a constant basis.

    When one works in any form of retail job, you have to have the common sense of knowing when it's too much and when it's best to just bite your tongue and endure it. I understand that this is SL but even here there is some sort of common sense. Sure you might be able to do and say whatever you choose but still are judged for what you say and do.

    Next time Ms. Carver..If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Ms. Dastardly was just coming to get a long do you think she would have stayed? A few minutes perhaps? I am sure you could have endured it and not said anything to her.

    As for not telling other people where the freebie must not be a member of any of the fashion groups because they constatly spam in open channel where and what the item is.

  10. sn@tch is LAGGGGGGGGGGG it should close until the lag is gone its too laggy to exist, it doesnt need its own sim, it needs its own grid and company and its own internet because the LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG is soooooooo baaaadddddd
    why have models when its so laggy you cant shop there???? to raise traffic of course, its the same as paying campers, DO NOT DO IT
    and okrebecca is right, dont call yourself oh so cool grunge goth bitchy vagina then whine someone hurt your itty bitty emo feelings whaaaaa someone on the internet said bad word boohoo
    get rid of the LAG SN@TCH = LAG sort it out before you do ANYTHING ELSE EVER
    btw cool store
    dont ban bitches, they buy your crap
    and dont whine

  11. I pulled out of the hunt. No worries about any more free things from me in the future. This wont happen again. My models do exactly what they're paid a few linden an hour to do. I don't expect them to take abuse and anyone that knows me, knows I wont take someone standing and bitching in my store. If you dont like it, leave. If you were acting like this in a RL store, they would call security too. It hurts my business more for someone to stand there and complain (expecially when I'm giving away something I worked hard on) than it does to ban one person. Why would I want you there if you are going to do that to me and my business?
    And then to say how much you like my stuff after you attempt to do damage to me. I just dont get it. Cryssie works her butt off dealing with people like this during hunts and all the time as do all the other models. I know you have some anti-model agenda but they are there for me when I cant be. I would have banned you too. I am a very tolerant person...but when you stand in my store and bitch about it in front of other customers when I am doing something NICE for people, thats my line. You crossed

  12. excellent, one less piece of trash to delete :)

  13. also in a real life store when people entered walmart in a mad rush to buy tickle me elmos or some such, and trampled a man to death, it made front page news. are you going to make me google RL silliness to prove it's not restricted to SL?


  15. Thank you for calling my gift trash...this proves exactly the kind of person you are to everyone. I appreciate that on a day I've done nothing but cry because of jerks like you who just come and take and dont appreciate anything. Thank you again.

  16. I invite anyone still reading this to check out okrebecca Dastardly inworld profile . Not going to suggest what you should make of it, it speaks for itself.

  17. hang on roblem, i have it in a notecard, i can paste it for your convenience

    you do realize people only ever laugh/enjoy my profile right? it's called, humor

    my profile

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    the only men worthy of my love
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    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: You cast out for a fish...
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: Darn! Almost had one!
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: You cast out for a fish...
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: Didn't get a bite that time.
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: You cast out for a fish...
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: You've earned 3 XP! (Catch was AutoDeclined due to low rarity.)
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: You cast out for a fish...
    (7S) Small Pro Fishing Rod: Yikes, that one put up a fight! Shame it got away.

    (except morrigan, who actually has things to say)
    [19:53] Morrigan Denimore: ignoramii.

    okrebecca Dastardly: like, you could cook an egg by the length of my relationships

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    okrebecca Dastardly: because i am so fucking genius
    Banrion Constantine: lol
    okrebecca Dastardly: i bet some one of those married men over in cali coastal area is logging my local welcome area chats and making a screenplay out of it

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  18. Its nice that Becca is enjoying all of this attention, I suppose she should enjoy it before everyone gets bored of her oh-so-original antics, and moves on.

  19. And long after they do get bored and quit reading this blog, people will still be shopping at Sn@tch.

  20. "Snarky shopper?" Yeah. If you haven't seen the "Bitch Pleeze" skit on Saturday Night Live, you should. If you don't see yourself in the character of the ignorant, opinionated, unfunny blogger, then at least know this: anyone with any sense knows that's just who you and your type are to a T.

    People with enough time on their hands to sit around making it a point to bitch, complain and criticize others for hours and hours at a time are just pathetic. A comment here and there in conversation is one thing. Devoting a webpage to it?

    Bitch? Pleeze. Get a life.

  21. You really think blogging so rudely about a vendor is going to make a difference?
    Wow, you really are immature sweety
    Its not the owners fault that you had seriously bad lag on the FIRST day of a GRID WIDE hunt.
    Get over it, its always like this on the FIRST day of a hunt no matter what.
    And they had all the right to ban you because you were being very rude and immature about what was happening?
    Are you like 13 or something? Can you not just vent to a friend instead of being so poorly rude and aggressive by blogging this?
    Ivey deserve an apology and i think its time for you to take this down.
    You have no right to bash a very successful and sweet person like this
    And last time i checked the models there are nothing but sweet and nice. I should know, i was there all morning waiting for the cube to rezz. We all dealt with it, you're not the only person with rezz issues my dear dear immature fellow SLer..
    so please, don't ever do this to another designer. Its rude
    -Lanie Windlow

  22. So if a few misspelled words indicate a teenager or teenage-type mentality, what of fabricated words such as 'faggotry', 'cuntery' or just filling every other word in a sentence with profanity and malice?

  23. The reality is that so many of you can't for a moment see any of this objectively. I'm sure there are dozens of people that might not care for Becca, but the same can be said for pretty much all of us.

    The big difference between Becca and the rest of us is while we will talk shit behind someone's back, she has the balls to tell it like it is.

    She says the stuff about models, about lag, about annoying greeter scripts, about the clothes and hunts that everyone else seems to whine about but would never say.

    Becca will be the first to praise and support content creation. She spends her money and supports the goods and their makers. She's not blogging to try to get in with the cool kids. She doesn't give a fuck - she doesn't have her head up anyone's ass.

    If that makes her a bad person, then something is really wrong with the world.

  24. "so please, don't ever do this to another designer. It's rude."

    You're kidding, right?

    You people crack me up.

    And Sn@tch has eternal lag, first day of hunts, second day, third week, no hunt at all. I don't recall that complaining about it being that big of a deal. We all do. I've heard people say similar or same things about lag even in Sn@tch in the past.

    What happened was that the model responded instead of maybe ignoring or muting her, like we're all told to do if we don't like what someone says.

    Frankly, the punishment didn't really suit the crime. But now, that this has exploded, Becca is gonna be the one everyone whines about because Ivey pulled out and people don't get their present.

    Pass me the popcorn, this has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen in months.

    Some of you need to get a grip.

  25. Its just stupid that she's being dramatic over the INTERNET...
    Oh fucking well
    The world isn't going to end jsut because SL is laggy
    -Lanie Windlow

  26. 'becca tells it like it is'

    yeah, you might try looking around the SL Blogland, there are lots of blogs that 'tell it like it is' without being malicious, incendiary, rude, or balls to the walls crazy.


  28. also, people are feeding me great lines in ims for the past 5 hours but i'm not pasting there's just too much to sort through.

  29. Does anyone not remember the first day of the Kissed hunt? So many people at Vain the dam sim crashed and we were all stuck. I could not even log out - had to hard crash my pc and even 7 hours later on re-login was stuck at starting point 1.

    How was that Vain's fault for putting together 200+ freebies from talented designers all over the meta-verse.

    Oh yea and that't right lets see Sn@tch just had a HUGE sale to buy the whole dam sim to offer us a better shopping experience. Not to mention they daily offer freebies gifts a lucky dip specials giveaway all the time and their hunt gifts are usually phenom.

    TO rant is one thing. It frees the spirit. We all do that on our blogs at one point or another. WHIPPEE whew.. deep breath right?

    Then make a polite but well rounded suggestion to the designer and you know.. like my mama always said you catch more bees with honey... theres a little forest for ya :)

    I have never had a designer turn away and their gracious and often tremendous efforts yield better improvements and sometimes shyt there has been a thankyou gift on my doorstep.

    Viva La Kindness...

  30. "yeah, you might try looking around the SL Blogland, there are lots of blogs that 'tell it like it is' without being malicious, incendiary, rude, or balls to the walls crazy."

    I bet I can guess who wrote that post.

    No, they don't tell it like it is. The blogs I like the best are really the ones that just give the goods. The worst ones out there are the ones that are almost schizophrenic in nature. They act like they're badass but they're trying so hard to stick their heads up the creator's asses it's entertaining to read.

  31. I can't believe that this blog is getting any attention. Everyone just sits around and waits for something to dog pile on. No matter how little the drama is. I don't care for the lag or the purposely ditzy models on stripper poles either but, what can you do? Ivey makes great stuff and it's a small sacrifice. It's not her fault you've got a prehistoric computer. It's also ridiculous for anyone to get upset over a couple of tit bags when you (Ivey) have far more supporters who say positive things over all. The only thing that makes this bad for business is that everyone including (Roblem & Ivey) took the time to come here and comment. Did anyone really care what this person had to say before now? It's only as big of a deal as you make it to be. Congrats, you just made this blog more popular than it really is. ^_^

  32. in fairness, most of what all of you have said is also true. that's the thing, people can and DO have very different takes/realities. also, for the record, no one may ever read this blog again and that's fine with me, but you would be amused to know 312 people have hit my site today, as opposed to my average of 75 or so for the last three months :) cheers, everyone go out there and find some awesome hunt prizes!

  33. Wow. This whole thing has been just shameful.
    Embarrassing to witness. *shakes head*
    ~V (who will be posting as herself, thanks)

  34. I'm sure the designers that read this today also appreciate you calling their gifts "trash"...just cause futher down you refer to them as "awesome hunt prizes" doesn't take that back. My freebies weren't trash when you came every Friday like clockwork to get them. Enjoy your 15 minutes in SL. You can be known for being kind and generous or you can be known for this. Congratulations Becca :)

  35. ivey, from one psychotic bitch to another, we both need help. i hope you and yours do everything you can to get it, and i will keep speaking my mind as i am wont to do and you can read it or ban it write it fix it stock reload it buy it switch it then upgrade it, technologic!

  36. I'd just like the point out this post...

    "I'm a avid Sn@tch fan so I find myself at the main store quite often. I have to say that Cryssie has to be one of the more annoying models there. She's right up there with the girl that should be working on a pole in a strip club than clothing store.

    As soon as you tp in, you're greeted with a some huge gesture from her. It's just not very personal or friendly. Then if you're not the type that loads right have to endure that same gesture at least 5 more times for the other people that have tped in. That in itself would cause me to have some sort of animosity for Ms. Carver.

    Last week when Snatch had the big sale..Ms. Carver could be heard "shouting" some gesture about the sale on a constant basis."

    I think you're making stuff up there dear... I didn't even work the weekend of the sale because my computer wasn't working...... and I dont shout. I do know the model you're referring to and she does a damn good job. So I think that maybe you need to re-think this one and apologise to me for getting it VERY VERY wrong.

    Cryssie 'crybaby' Carver

  37. cryssie, i think you should apologize for not realizing that you actually *do* work on a pole.
    i am sure you work hard for the money! so hard for it, honey...

  38. also i just reviewed transactions, a jerkfaced tit abusive bitch like myself spent 1150L in sn@tch yesterday. and for this <3 i should just go to a regular BDSM club next time though!

  39. I'm not going to apologise for anything. So what... 'I work on a pole' as you put it. Nothing I'm ashamed off, I worked on an ACTUAL pole for months before I worked at sn@tch. I don't find it offensive.

    What I do find offensive is people who weren't even at sn@tch on the day in question commenting about me personally like they know me when most have never even crossed my path. Making up shit about me shouting in the store during the sale and about me being annoying. On a regular non-hunt day I'm normally one of the more quiet models in store. I suggest getting facts straight before running your mouth off.

    Plus posting ANONYMOUSLY is a nice way to insult someone with no comeback, but then I guess they'll be running back in the store to get the freebie that Ivey puts out when all this blows over so they wouldn't want to risk a ban from sn@tch in case they don't get their precious freebies.

    So okrebecca, me and you had a run in which you obviously found offensive, for the life of me I don’t know why, but you were banned because of you're attitude in the shop with comments like 'someone send me the SURL so I don't have to spend another minute here.' not for anything you said to me in IM. So I didn't get you banned, you got yourself banned. When you’re not playing the victim in this and ACTUALLY take into consideration what you were saying in main chat, in store, then you’d probably ban someone from a shop you owned too.

    Like I said we had a run in… the end. We can all spin sob stories Dan Brown would be proud of and make us look like the victim but at the end of the day what's happened has happened and it was between me, you and sn@tch not the general SL community who THINK they know what's gone on from your ramblings!

    You claim you were a good customer in sn@tch and if that was the case then you’d already know all about the models there and know that running your mouth off in store is a good way to get yourself banned from ANY store.

    I’m sick of this bullshit… if the only way people can make themselves feel better is to run their mouths off about a situation they know nothing about then I dread to think what state the world really is in. I won’t be coming back here again, this is my last post. I’ve had my say. Anyone else who feels the need to anonymously comment can do so here and wallow in the glory that they didn’t have the balls or the brains to IM me in world. If you have the balls and brains to IM then go for it I’ll happy receive anything you FEEL the need to say to me, even though you probably know a miniscule amount about the situation.

    I hope your rants make you feel like the bigger person okrebecca, sadly in reality I don’t think you ever actually will be… but at least now you have a goal to aim for.

    Happy blogging.

    Cryssie Carver

  40. Just for the record, it is me that shouts the gesture for people to hit the subscription stand while on the hunt, NOT cryssie. I have a job to do and if one person on the hunt hits the subscription stand and becomes a regular shopper because I shouted (which they have), then my job is done and everyone else can kiss me ass.

    And yes I dance on the pole to, infact I'm on it right now its better than some stores when the model is set to busy or worse a bot.

    Some people really need to step outside more instead of hiding behind a pc being all angry at the world just because the WHOLE (not just you) store was asked to remove a few prims and huds you gotta act like you have sand in you SN@TCH in fact looking at your blog as a whole you might wanna get some help seeing as theres not one none bitching about someone post you are one pissed off at the world person its just sad you have to take it out on people you dont even know on the internet. But just to be clear and just so you know, I'm the model that shouts and when it comes to my job I always will so at least make sure you get your bullshit in order before spreading it.

    SHOUTS: ☜☠☞Dont forget if your here for the twisted hunt hit the SN@TCH subcription stand for weekly updates and freebies☜☠☞

  41. Since all the back and forth seems to have been covered, I'm just going to say two things:

    1) I love Ivey's work and 2) it is NOT against ToS to post chat logs on 3rd party sites, only to post them on the official forums or other LL-owned entities.

  42. SLU Griefer Clan (as if)March 3, 2009 at 10:35 AM

    WTF you rotten fetid cunt.

    I hope you get hit by a truck when you leave your house the next time to prove how much better than other SLers you are.

  43. My god, rebecca, are you like, 14 or something?

  44. griefer clan?! you want me to leave my house?!??! WHY WOULD I DO THAT? as a supposed fourteen year old i am not supposed to leave the house without parental supervision. will one of you roleplay my mommy so i can get some fresh air?

  45. "Plus posting ANONYMOUSLY is a nice way to insult someone with no comeback, but then I guess they'll be running back in the store to get the freebie that Ivey puts out when all this blows over so they wouldn't want to risk a ban from sn@tch in case they don't get their precious freebies."

    I said as much, Crybaby. But I'm really only after the freebie tv. Fuck the freebies. You keep bringing that up as if it matters.

    I'm on the subscribo, too. Which as far as freebies and goodies, I don't think I've gotten anything free from Sn@tch in 2 months or more that I didn't pay for. I usually skip the hunt gift because it's too much hassle.

    The whole freebie debate -- everything that's been going on lately has become completely irrational. Do any of you actually use that thing between your shoulders to think logically, in the manner for which it was created? Or are you forever caught in some kneejerk loop of idiocy?

    As for apologizing about what you do -- any of you -- no one should have to. But then again, so many seem to be rushing in to place their two cents and protest how they don't have to excuse what they do and flip it at Becca, saying her opinion doesn't matter. But it must? You're here. For so many of you, this has really touched a nerve.

    Of course you feel free to use some of your names, Crybaby et al. You have trolling back up. People are always brave when someone they feel is "bigger" has their back. They don't feel as free to shoot off their mouths when it's just them. Except Rebecca is holding her own -- against all of the completely idiotic hypocritical shit you're dishing out at her. It's either foolish or brave -- probably both. But it takes balls to face it and stand alone. I admit I don't have that set, hiding behind anonymity. But I'd bet you wouldn't either if the situation was different.

    Do you realize how asinine the lot of you are in getting riled by what she's saying? You ask if she's 14, and call her all sorts of names -- I can ask the same of you because very few of you are proving to show any sort of maturity at all no matter how many times you spell check your entry before you post it.

    And people love a target for their anger and frustrations -- especially if they feel they can gang up on someone in a group -- mob mentality. It doesn't mean you're superior to Rebecca or smarter or even more mature, it actually means you've obviously never gotten over puberty.

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. The response to any of this is COMPLETELY blown out of proportion and unreasonable. How can any of you be taking this so personally? Why are so many of you involved? Why does this even matter? Why do you care? Have you asked yourselves that?

  46. Beatrix WashborneMarch 4, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    What a horrid-to-read blog. Hasn't the English language suffered enough at the hands of "Wall-Of-Text" roflcopter passengers who don't even bother with capital letters, apparently as this needs to be reserved for those times when ALL CAPS is called for.

    Please, do us all a favor and hire someone who can edit this blathering into legibility.


  47. Dear OKrebecca:

    Are you Encore Mayne????


  48. this post and Okrebeccas comments only show what a poor person she is, if she wasnt that bad i would feel sad for her, must hurt to have no friends in RL? or even having a RL actually..

  49. no real lifeitis, yes, a common disease suffered by many, i'm sure i'm not alone

  50. Well I'm the only person on SL that DOESN'T LIKE SN@TCH ::gasp:: Nothing they sell/give away has ever appealed to me.

    So I am not about to be hypocritical and criticize while saying "oh but I love her work...". I like the store less now that the owner says she cried over this drama, and decided to let one person ruin it for several hundred hunters. Has anyone heard of the Mute button these days? Grow a skin, vendors.

  51. i love mute, personally, as evidenced by my ticker of an ever growing mutee population, i'm at 313 now or so? being the trendsetter i am, may i recommend we all partake of mute sometime in the near future? try it! you will like it! mute button, apply directly to the face! MUTE BUTTON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FACE!

  52. wowww... so much drama! I'm glad I got the Sn@tch gift before it got took down! I need to edit my blog tho to let ppl know it's no longer available. Sucks it had to come to that >.<

  53. lmao @ walmart on sl ..