Saturday, March 7, 2009

tired + bored = epic flail

i have been in this 10L pink fuel panda avatar for the past few days and i'm highly enjoying my time as a tiny. i never knew what it could be but now that i have had the egasm i may never go back.

i would like to introduce to you okre, the sexual harassment panda, and her anousenka-like travels in candy land at Photon Pinks Photon Castle

you have marci monsoo to thank for this awesome find again, this girl is serious fun. 

it all starts with a cube right?
then sexual harassment panda comes up against a militant panda badger hybrid in the welcome area and gets tired of all the fighting.
sexual harassment panda discovers a wonderful garden with flowers bigger than her and prettier too.
sexual harassment panda takes a ride on the back of n00bs everywhere, and she kind of gets a kick out of it.
then sexual harassment panda decides she goes both ways, like this candyvator, or, a bicycle, that rolls on both ends.
sexual harassment panda is impressed with your photoshop skills and she likes what you've done with her real life photo here.
and finally sexual harassment panda goes to puff on the pipes in the corner before passing out.

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