Saturday, March 14, 2009

bunneh? meh.

i am a bored bunny! bored of hunting, bored of stalking, bored of griefing and trolling. bored of you, bored of myself. spent the past couple days sorting inventory and i'm only done a few folders. let me just say, 75K seems astonishing but not when you consider i picked up every damn freebie posted ever anywhere for the past 14 months. and now i'm paying the price! not even in lindens really, just in time...and annoyance at trying something on and realizing how crap it is and loffling with whomever i'm standing sorting with. at least it's just data eh? i had a friend in high school who collected trash and leaves and stored them in little hidden niches in her room or closets because her ocd was so bad. if anyone wants to unbore me feel free. *this does not include 5 am drunk dials on private settings.

for the curious minded, i'm in my dress folder atm and here's the honest to god best way i can think to sort, so far:
*awesome/couture dresses
*babydoll dresses
*ballroom gowns/long
*cocktail party dresses/shorter
*doll/lolita dresses
*dominatrix type dresses
*fairy/princess dresses
*flexi dress sets (needs more hardcore editing)
*flowery/feathery skirted dresses
*halter dresses
*holiday dresses
*huge skirted dresses (roflmao but it needs it's own category i swear)
*medieval/gothic/victorian gowns
*plaid/schoolgirl dresses
*sculpted dresses
*slinky sex dresses
*slutty dresses
*sorted dresses
*sweater dresses
*tiered dresses
*wedding gowns
ugh and it never ends. people used to comment that i only wear dresses. well, this is why.


  1. I thought I would make myself useful for once and give you my exclusive report on the clothing fair from a male perspective. (Inspired to post this to your blog in response to some bish competitor of yours who apparently reads this blog oh so closely, and saw fit to give me a ration of unsolicited shit about you while I was doing her the damn favor of showing up to the riot vendor she and her friend were working.)

    Not a whole lot of swag in general -- probably because it is a benefit event -- and as expected, lots of lag. But I did find a handful of freebies for men. I probably missed something, so apologies in advance to any vendor that I overlooked.

    In sim 1, Moonshine has a retro hoodie and booty tee for men.

    In sim 3, while not a freebie, Gritzi had about 8 really nice men's outfits priced at 99L and 100L, seemed like a pretty good value.

    In sim 4, Stellar had a men's gift object included in their gift box, haven't unpacked it yet, and Peeps had a men's polo outfit and 100l gift card.

    In sim 6, Sartoria had a men's suit.

    In sim 7, Demise had a unisex knit cardigan.

    So if your girl ropes you into tagging along to the fair, it's not a complete waste of time.


  2. my kind of man would just say eff it and wear the pretty pink dresses. just fyi.

  3. meh, I only wear AVid these days.