Thursday, March 5, 2009

cuz i'm ready, yes i'm ready

i want to learn photoshop. i have a 2 month old brand new fully functioning harddrive in my 24" imac and i've been using da innerwebz for over a decade. i used to vaguely know html...i have cropped digital photos in paint and such but never tried my hands at anything more involved. what do i do nowwww??????????????????? k thx bi.

ps-i'm so not special! that's why you care what i say....?
special request to all you cats passively aggressively making sideline posts and threads on other forums, i will be in ahern welcome area ALL DAY today, i will leave myself idle so you can come message me and try to bitch until tonight whenever you/my pills drive me to sleep. come hang out, see a little bit of WA drama, and get your inner issues out with me i will go on voice and you can try to drive me to tears like iveys. i look forward to seeing if any of you actually "hang out" in public spaces in second life, or if you just hide in your forums and bulletin boards to post comments about people who actually may even have more of a ...more of a second life? than you.

i apologize in advance for not giving enough of a fuck to join all of the forums and boards you've posted me and my blog all over, but you do understand there are literally dozens of links and referrals at this point. cheers for minimizing my glorious heinousness, i can tell you don't care, and that's why you keep talking about stuff that is about to be formatted off the front page because it's so old.


  1. Dear OKR,
    Continue to tell it like it is [or at least as you see it].
    Also, please never learn photoshop. So many of the blogs, advertisements,and [worst of all]shop displays are awash with images that have been retouched, taken with ultra-bright windlight, or both. It's to the point where you often can't tell what you'll really get. I like that the blog shows things the way they appear in the game, instead of being imaginarily perfect

  2. :O DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO OK!?!?! GOD, you are going to make me not learn photoshop, you rampant bitch!^$% i know what you're trying to're telling me my pictures are all ugly!!$% OMG HOW DARE YOU. /me goes to cry all day.

    no for reals though i do keep thinking that the only good part about my picture taking lack of abilities is that it comes out showing how it would/does look in-world.