Sunday, March 8, 2009

all i remember is excuse me miss, you can't get a girl like me with a line like this

bahahah who needs photoshop when second life offers up these gifts????
sexual harassment panda is too pleased for words and she's going to go watch home makeover now. you want a good reason to cry all day it's the life stories of the people on this show...

ohhh man. we need some levity. i have some floating objects like the new scribble floating bubble toy and a couple clouds and moon objects but in the meantime, let me just give y'all some ragamuffins. i admit, i like a very specific type of fuzzy hairy man. and you're damn sure i remember to have my friends spayed and neutered!
believe it or not i am still not so fat that i can't fit two bigass cats on my bed at night <3
yes, these ARE my cats. yes, they are adorable. yes, they are sweet. and so am i, if you're worth my time...big if, i know!

everyone go sit down with your cats on the couch for a few moments. it is scientifically proven that patting a cat lowers your blood pressure.

...i guess in the end i'm no better than all of you. afterall, i also have two boyfriends. and here's some more ebonics for those of you who are still capable of translating across colors. (by the way, another comment that is "awaiting moderation" on shoppingcartdiscocaineproblem includes my explanation of how in an advanced seminar in post modern english at vassar we actually listened to lil'kim's "suck my dick" which is what was previously quoted and mistaken and mistaken and mistaken again and again and again. i not only did my final project on a graphic novel, but we also watched richard pryor and dave chapelle. but omg, you're so right, black culture is not culture at all, unless it's blackface minstrel shows and then it's funny as crap right? i have an idea, why don't you all go pour whiskey in your bongs and blow your faces off?)

and some more hip hop from my pale pasty self.
"well hey i think you're bluffin'!
well ima call my man.
well i can get a ragamuffin!"

*post script on ingratitude*
you want to talk about selfish ungrateful pieces of shit. do any of you happen to recall that i'm the one person in second life responsible for compiling an easy to use notecard which eventually morphed into this very blog to list the literally hundreds of lucky chairs and camping spots, midnight manias and profile picks rewards, that are listed in the sidebar? the bloggers i communicate with on a regular basis and i all give and take freebie finds and i agree that the "who found it first" bit of the argument is a tired attempt, but honestly, i am the only person i know with the time, energy, and organizational skills who thought of and followed through on this effort. you link me to your blog when you have an alphabetized sectional corner for freeness. i have spent countless hours sorting through notecards, reading other free blogs, and hopping manically (sp?) from board to slurl to chair to mall to find everything possible you could ever want for free on the grid. also, if you've ever actually spoken to me in a group chat or ims you know i can find you, and will in point of fact stop whatever it is i'm doing in world to literally tp to you and help you find a set of shiny black metallic leggings (free obviously) or a toilet hat with swirling prim poop and particle stench smells (also free) depending on whatever the heck it is you're looking for. i've responded to comments in other peoples blogs to help out and give direct slurls to freebies, i extend myself in world to tp back and forth from stores if your letter pops on a chair i just hit, and i even take it upon myself to edit what i'm sure some of you would hate to admit are simple mistakes in other bloggers posts with incorrect or misspelled slurls and so forth. i don't have to do any of this. i do it because 1-the inner ocd in me compells me to, and 2-because i want you all to look however you damn please in this place and i fully expect to get the job done for free or i will buy you whatever can't be found free. i'm remembering one time people at a mobvend got pissed about waiting too long and i just paid everyone the current vendor price and told them to shut up. while this was an ultimately aggressive exclamation of exasperation, i am out there putting myself in line to help everyone and anyone all day, and when i get a job out of this world, i intend to keep doing just that. now, go back to drawing fishnet gloves.

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