Thursday, March 12, 2009

these shoes rule

as if the impromptu im congratulating me on making her fall off her chair laughing from renee harvy wasn't enough, she sent me a fatpack of the other boots she has in store now that are very similar to an existing popular style sold for 400L a pair. this lady keeps putting out amazing new shoes in her store DUH! it's my store. and they are cheapppp too. like cheaper than cheap clothes. 20L for most sale pairs on the wall vendors but the love never ends, since she's got a lucky chair with special recolors and two dollarbies at all times! this pair of pink fuck me boots is the dollarbie this week, as i just popped in and found it today making my chair rounds. go get. resize script or walk ao option on the left foot of each shoe. resize is sweet ass for boots and shoes because stretching the boot can often make it look all borked and ugly. and did i mention they're PINK? shoes, omg.

lyrics to go with:
"you don't like players
that's what you say yeah
but you really wouldn't mind a millionaire
you don't like ballers
they don't do nothing for ya
but you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller"

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