Monday, March 30, 2009

the copts are coming

oh hai. i finished sorting mah hair folder. ashia mentioned on free*style yesterday she's sorta kinda done sorting her whole inventory :O so jlz, so much of jlzy. i've got maybe 70% totally compulsively obessively organized but there are some folders that just seem hopeless like skins. what am i going to have to do? i think i may just have to make folders like "awesome perfect skins" "very nearly perfect skins" "mediocre skins" "shite skins for a joke" "awesomely ugly skins" and yeah your feelings might get hurt if i said what went into which. also my animations folder is where i wound up storing hundreds of poses i've compiled even before i had any reason to use poses, ie blogging. some of my collecting tendencies have paid off, i have found lots of awesome shit like this obscure helicopter hair from tea lane i have no idea what it was free as a promo or gift for but it's about the raddest hair i've seen on second life and i found it in my mess! when i fly or move in a scripted area if SL feels like it, it will poof helicopter fumes in pink. \o/ yeah, i'm not done sorting my poses, so i just used the first that let me show the hair well, and this outfit is possibly the only aoharu i have, although i spent like 20k there one manic night last year prior to the inventory loss and had at least a hundred adorably perfectly constructed dresses :/ putting this outfit on made me kinda want to go do it all over again but i have to assume linden labs would flip it's shit in the middle of my repeat purchases and it would be deja vu all over again. SL is also not agreeing with this scribble bubble pipe which would poof animated bubbles that break in a few seconds in the air if second life were a perfect world. i can't even put my pipe on and smoke it....such tragedy.

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